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dreaming of home
A Very British Disease
Bursting the property bubble

Yet another property bubble may be on the way. But in Germany and Japan, home ownership is of less consequence. Would we be more innovative and prosperous if property was not a national obsession? Or is it the key to our independence, our security and perhaps even our democracy?
science as relig
This is Our Church
Science as religion

We believe science is rational. But, like the Church it once fought, it has its own establishment and theories to defend. Has it become the new church, with beliefs tended by the faithful and heretics excluded from publication? Or is this a travesty of an institution that has brought so much advance?
madam im atom
It's an Immaterial World
madam im atom
Speakers: John Heil, Rupert Sheldrake, Daniel Stoljar
Does matter exist?

We think we understand what the world is made of. Atoms and, we are now told, bosons, quarks and leptons. Yet our theory of matter does not explain thought. Do we need a radically new model to explain how material things and immaterial thought are connected?  
269 The Age of Nothing 3
The Age of Nothing
269 The Age of Nothing 3
Categories: Ethics & Religion
Speakers: Peter Watson
Could the world’s continuing financial collapse have its roots in the “Death of God”? Intellectual historian Peter Watson examines the worldchanging consequences of the end of faith.
59 Beyond Truth and Falsehood
Beyond Truth and Falsehood
What is real?

For a century, logicians have argued that things are either true or false. Yet truth for one person can be a falsehood for another. Is it possible that truth is not about the nature of reality at all but describes what we think about what we say? Would such a heresy undermine meaning itself or liberate us to think afresh?  
338 After Evolution credit to 3skulls for invitepack001
After Evolution
Is culture beyond genetics?

Everything from criminality to love of gossip is in our genes according to some biologists. Yet behaviour varies dramatically between cultures. Does this cultural variation mean that the theory of evolution is flawed? Can it be rescued with a new theory or is culture beyond genetics?
130 Paradise City
Paradise City
Does it exist?

The modern metropolis emerged not to serve human needs but in response to the industrial revolution. Yet from Great Expectations to Brick Lane, art is ripe with stories of how urban living can transform our identities. Should we build cities to create better people? Or would this turn urban life into an Orwellian dystopia?
105 Is Descartes Irrelevant 2
Is Descartes Irrelevant?
105 Is Descartes Irrelevant 2
Speakers: Mary Midgley
Should we still read philosophy dreamed up hundreds of years ago seriously? Moral philosopher Mary Midgley makes the case. “The UK’s foremost scourge of scientific pretention” Guardian
407 Theories Mysteries and Mistakers
Theories, Mysteries and Mistakes
Contradictions in reality

We assume our theories about the world are gradually uncovering the way it really is. Yet from quantum mechanics to post-structuralism, the reality the theories describe is contradictory. Should we conclude that the world is essentially unintelligible? Or is it simply the theories that are mistaken?
395 Heraclitus Dream 2
Heraclitus' Dream
Reality in flux

From everyday objects to the stars, the world of things appears stable and fixed. Yet for quantum physics and the ancient philosopher Heraclitus nothing remains the same. Rather than a framework of things might the world be essentially fluid?
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