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189 Markets Monopolies and Freedom
Markets, Monopolies and Freedom
The new economies

The internet has democratised knowledge and transformed our lives. But from Microsoft to Apple, it is rampant with monopolies. Should we break up the corporations or, like China, build firewalls to keep them out? Would this nurture the prosperity of the West?
414 Blowing in the Wind 2
Blowing in the Wind
414 Blowing in the Wind 2
Categories: Culture & Sexuality
Speakers: Tanya Gold, John Moore, Penny Rimbaud, Julien Temple
Pop-star revolutionaries

From Miley Cyrus to Pussy Riot, musicians promote themselves as heretics. Yet for all the taboo-smashing, outrageous misbehaviour and radical political advocacy, famous musicians live lifestyles of wealth and privilege. Is popular music a hypocritical and conservative force? Or does rock'n'roll have the power to change the world?
human nature 2
The Evolution of Desire
Explaining human desire

From our mating habits to our territorial disputes, sociobiologists claim that natural selection explains human nature. But is this real insight or a reductionist pseudoscience? Should we seek broader, deeper answers to social questions, or will genetics soon be able to give a complete account of what it means to be human?
316 Wild Dreams 4
Wild Dreams
Back to nature

Modern technology has provided for many a life of comfort and entertainment that previous generations could never have imagined. Yet it also takes us away from being in the world. Should we give up our laptops and screens and spend more time in the wild? A romantic illusion or the key to a happier, healthier life?
420 Rationality and Drugs 2
Rationality and Drugs
David Nutt was fired by the Home Secretary for comparing the harms of ecstasy and horse-riding. Hear his case for a rational, evidence-based approach to drug policy. “He took personal risk to his reputation in the name of sound science” Colin Blakemore  
science as relig
This is Our Church
Science as religion

We believe science is rational. But, like the Church it once fought, it has its own establishment and theories to defend. Has it become the new church, with beliefs tended by the faithful and heretics excluded from publication? Or is this a travesty of an institution that has brought so much advance?
Beyond Psychotherapy
When is it misguided to treat mental illness with drugs? Clinical psychologist and author of Madness Explained and Doctoring the Mind, Richard Bentall envisions bold new alternatives to the psychiatric-industrial complex. "Full of insight and humanity” Times
220 Memory and the Self 2
Memory and the Self
220 Memory and the Self 2
Speakers: Mark Rowlands
Do memories make us who we are? The bestselling author of The Philosopher and the Wolf seeks our all our all-seeing ‘I’.  
madam im atom
It's an Immaterial World
madam im atom
Speakers: John Heil, Rupert Sheldrake, Daniel Stoljar
Does matter exist?

We think we understand what the world is made of. Atoms and, we are now told, bosons, quarks and leptons. Yet our theory of matter does not explain thought. Do we need a radically new model to explain how material things and immaterial thought are connected?  
387 Ultimate Proof
Ultimate Proof
Is evidence an illusion?

We think evidence decides the matter. Yet even suicide bombers think they have evidence to support their cause. Should we see independent evidence as an illusion? Would this lead to a chaotic world without foundations or constraint? Or open us to the richness of reality?
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