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318 Dark Matter of the Mind v2
Dark Matter of The Mind
Scientists and philosophers alike argue that human nature is pre-determined. Anthropologist Daniel Everett questions our prejudices.
47 Beyond Good and Evil
Beyond Good and Evil II
Is morality instinctual?

We think morality is unique to being human. Yet the animal kingdom has many examples of behaviour that appear moral, but which we describe as instinct. Might our own morality be instinct also? Does this extricate morality from religion, or condemn it to irrelevance?
free will 3
The Chemistry of Freedom
Is free will an illusion?

The cry of democrats and revolutionaries, we value freedom above almost anything. But neuroscientists claim they can predict decisions seven seconds before we act. Might free will be an illusion? Do we need to reimagine what it means to be human, or does freedom win over bad science?
When Women Rule
Categories: Culture & Sexuality
Speakers: Diane Abbott, Niamh Corbett, Helena Cronin
Do women make better leaders?

From the boardroom to politics we look to increase the representation of women. But if women were dominant what impact would it have? Might women be best suited to 21st century culture and create a productive economy and less conflictual politics? Or is this utopian and sexist nonsense?
the strangeness of force 2
The Strangeness of Force
Do forces really exist?

The laws of science were founded on the idea of force. But Newton's critics argued it was a mystical idea and the Standard model has replaced force with 'interactions'. Does an account of force elude us because it doesn't exist, or are forces essential if we are to explain why anything happens?
Mummy's Little Secret
Should we lie to children?

From Father Christmas to the Tooth Fairy, we are charmed by the fantasies we tell our children. Yet we do not condone telling lies to adults. We no longer beat our children; is it time to start telling them the truth as well? Would this create a more honest, open culture, or tarnish childhood?
195 Machiavellis Rules
Machiavelli's Rules
Dirty tricks in British politics

By endorsing trickery and deceit, Machiavelli ensured his name would live on in infamy. Yet even Lincoln and Johnson used skulduggery to secure change. Might lies, bribes and other dirty tricks be necessary for creating meaningful advance? Or do the ends never justify the means?
470 To the Edge of Space
To The Edge of Space
The Sky at Night host and physicist Maggie Aderin-Pocock takes us on a journey to the edge of known space. “One of the most prominent scientists in Britain” Power List
176 Beyond left and right
Beyond Left and Right
176 Beyond left and right
Categories: Ideas & Ideology
Speakers: Hilary Benn, Michael Howard, Pippa Malmgren, Peter Oborne
The Future of British Politics

Since the French Revolution, the left-right divide has defined the political map. But is it still relevant? Might it be time to abandon the opposition between progressive and conservative politics? Or is it still clear where progress lies and all the more important to seek to bring it about?
13 10 errors lies adventure
Error, Lies and Adventure
Should we embrace our mistakes?

For politicians and journalists, church leaders and chief executives, errors are something to be covered up, ignored or denied. But is this a mistake? Could it be that errors are the source of our inspiration and of future advances - the very stuff of adventure?
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