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103 War and Peace
War and Peace
The politics of conflict

Peace on earth has been the cry of idealists throughout the ages. Yet it is warfare and violence that sell newspapers and films, not heaven and tranquility. Is world peace a mistaken goal which if achieved would leave us seeking risk, danger and excitement, or is it still the essential political goal?
123 The Greatest Adventure 2
The Greatest Adventure
Finding love

Romantic love is central to our culture, our novels, films and lives. Yet historians argue it is a modern western invention. Might we be more fulfilled if we gave up chasing this romantic ideal or does it still offer us the most exciting adventure of our lives?
The End of Theory
The rise of big data

Big data is the phrase on everyone's lips. But in an age when we can collect information in unimaginable quantities, will we replace simplifying theories with complex real patterns? Might big data be the end of theory? Can we give up on 'why' questions in favour of 'what' answers, or will we always need the big picture?
52 Gods Map
God's Map
52 Gods Map
Speakers: Anita Avramides, Roger Davies, Hilary Lawson
Charting the universe

We think maps tell us how things are. As if they offer, in the philosopher Hilary Putnam's phrase, a God's Eye View of the world. Yet every map is a perspective. Should we conclude that there is no ultimate map, no objective outlook? An end to megalomania or a heresy fit for mystics?
105 Is Descartes Irrelevant 2
Is Descartes Irrelevant?
105 Is Descartes Irrelevant 2
Speakers: Mary Midgley
Should we still read philosophy dreamed up hundreds of years ago seriously? Moral philosopher Mary Midgley makes the case. “The UK’s foremost scourge of scientific pretention” Guardian
Living Differently
Embracing new romantic norms

Most of us regard a mate for life as a desirable goal.  Yet two thirds of married people admit to or desire an affair.  Might serial monogomy or open relationships be healthier for us all, or would this mean abandoning the most valuable experience we can have, and be socially disastrous to boot?
409 Rock and Roll Politics
Rock and Roll Politics
409 Rock and Roll Politics
Speakers: Steve Richards
In our cynical satirical culture, is constructive political comedy possible? Award-winning political columist Steve Richards shows us how with his highly acclaimed one man show.“Unmissable” Guardian
43 The New Inquisition
The New Inquisition
43 The New Inquisition
Speakers: Frank Furedi
Sociologist Frank Furedi investigates the ideas considered so dangerous they’re forbidden in our research, media or culture.“Broad, stimulating and ambitious” Guardian
235 Are We All Bipolar Now
Are We All Bipolar Now?
235 Are We All Bipolar Now
Speakers: Mark Salter
How do we distinguish between sanity and madness? Consultant psychiatry Mark Salter confronts the expanding domain of mental illness.
the limits of logic
The Limits of Logic
Should we embrace the irrational?

Logicians don't rule the world or get the most done. Could it be that a consistent world view is neither desirable nor achievable? If we abandon the straightjacket of rationality might this lead to a more powerful and exciting future, or is it a heresy that leads to madness? 
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