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world after tomorrow 1
The World After Tomorrow
Privacy in a digital age

William Gibson famously claimed that “the future’s here. It just isn’t evenly distributed.” As cyberspace collapses boundaries between nations and individuals alike, the very notion of privacy is under assault, and the economic hegemony of the West is no longer assured. Can technology become a force for global equality, or is the future destined to...
out of darkness
Out of Darkness
Is our understanding of black holes fundementally wrong? Presenting ground breaking new research, Laura Mersini-Houghton explains why event horizons and singularities might simply be a myth.
philosophy bites back 2
Philosophy Bites Back
Has physics made philosophy obsolete?
Has physics made philosophy obsolete?

From neuroscience to cosmology, Hawking to Dawkins, many argue science can do away with philosophy. Yet science is replete with philosophical  puzzles. Should we see science as one metaphysics amongst others? Or is this to swap the megalomania of science with that of philosophy?
stories of desire
Stories of Desire
Can desire help us make sense of the world?
Can desire help us make sense of the world?

Postmodernism undermined the dream of a definitive account of reality. Yet we still need some way to make sense of ourselves and the world. Might the Deleuzean metaphor of desire provide a way forward? Can desire better account for what makes us human, or is this continental confusion?
end of capitalism
The End of Capitalism
A new global economics

Fredric Jameson claimed it was easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. Was he right? Can new alternatives to the current paradigm emerge to conquer the world, or is capitalism the only realistic economic system?
everything explained
Everything Explained
everything explained
Speakers: Peter Atkins
Can science explain all of existence? Eminent chemist Peter Atkins believes only pessimism, prejudice and fear suggest otherwise.
orgasmatron 4
orgasmatron 4
Categories: Culture & Sexuality
Speakers: Rowan Pelling
What can MRI scans of brains in orgasm tell us? Erotic Review founder Rowan Pelling reveals how the science of la petite mort might might hold the key to abolishing pain. "Very sexy, very clever, and very knowledgeable" Financial Times
neuroscience philosophy
Neuroscience vs. Philosophy
Explaining the secrets of the mind

From the existence of the self to the nature of free will, many philosophers have dedicated their lives to the problems of the mind. But now some neuroscientists claim to have settled these raging debates. Is it possible we have discovered a science to replace philosophy and we can finally make real progress?  
The Establishment
Speakers: Owen Jones
Owen Jones

Following the critically acclaimed Chavs, the Guardian columnist unleashes a powerful attack on the British Establishment. "Superb" Polly Toynbee, Guardian
Times Arrow
Time's Arrow
Can physics explain the nature of time?

Time appears to be the ultimate form of progress: an unavoidable direction imposed on the universe. Some physicists claim this is an illusion. How should we make sense of time? As a dimension, a flow, a place, a process, a social construct, or something altogether more mysterious?
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