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gandhi vs guevera
Gandhi vs Guevara
gandhi vs guevera
Categories: Ideas & Ideology
Speakers: Finn Mackay, Neel Mukherjee, John Sauven
Does pacifism or passion change the world?

Gandhi's principle of non-violence made him the father of a nation. But it is Che Guevara whose face has come to represent liberty, justice, and revolution. Whose fantasies play the bigger part in shaping our reality? Does the pacifism of Gandhi or the passion of Che have the greatest power to change the world?
myself and others 7
Myself and Others
myself and others 7
Categories: Life & The Living
Speakers: Simon Glendinning, Ed Stafford, Kate Williams
Are we more alive when we are alone?

We often think being alone is something to fear. Yet it has been an integral component in the lives of many of our greatest thinkers. Are we more real when we are alone and perhaps also more alive?  Or was Heidegger right in seeing Being with Others as an essential element of being human?
search of the self
In Search of the Self
Who are we?
Who are we?

There is no self, no 'I', only a flickering illusion. So claim many neuroscientists and philosophers. Yet for the rest of us, the denial of the self feels like a bitter pill to swallow. Is the self a fantasy? Or is it essential to our being and consciousness?
time space and being
Time, Space and Being
Are space and time just a human fantasy?
Are space and time just a human fantasy?

We think space and time are the structure of the universe. Yet Einstein argued 'space and time are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live'. And philosophers, Kant and Heidegger, saw space and time as the framework of thought not the world. Are space and time just a human fantasy?
how men and women think final 1
How Men and Women Think
how men and women think final 1
Speakers: Simon Baron-Cohen, Helena Cronin, Gina Rippon
Are mental differences between the sexes real?

Many neuroscientists believe disorders of the mind will be solved when we understand the differences between the male and female brain. Yet is is frequently argued that men and women are not born but made. Are mental differences between the sexes real? Or is this just sexism dressed up as science?
je suis charlie final
Je Suis Charlie?
je suis charlie final
Speakers: David Aaronovitch, Myriam Francois-Cerrah, Brian Klug
Is our belief in freedom a fantasy?

Millions on the streets of Paris were testament to the importance of freedom of speech. Yet Charlie Hebdo's blasphemous images were not shown in the UK press. Are we cowardly and our belief in freedom a fantasy?  Or should we be proud of our multicultural values and our respect for Muslim beliefs?
green growth
Green Growth
The dogma of development has left a society divided and a planet endangered. Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett envisions a radical new future for the UK.
losing it 2
Losing It
losing it 2
Categories: Culture & Sexuality
Speakers: Helen Lederer
Do satire and comedy simply reinforce the society that they attempt to challenge? Absolutely Fabulous star Helen Lederer thinks its time for women in comedy to up and be counted.
belief and the gods
Belief and the Gods
belief and the gods
Categories: Ethics & Religion
Speakers: Madawi Al-Rasheed, Stephen Law, John Milbank
Is belief in the divine a fantasy?

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of faiths and gods. Yet each religion believes theirs is the true account. Is this because belief in the divine is a fantasy humans have evolved to hold? Or does it indicate something essential about the character of the world?
story time final
Story Time
story time final
Speakers: Jonathan Calvert, Hilary Lawson, John Lloyd
Is objective news an illusion?

We want news to accurately reflect the real world.  But in an age when competing channels with different perspectives are instantly available should we recognise this goal as an illusion? Should we accept that journalists set the world's agenda with their own fictions and fantasies, or is there a framework of objectivity we should require and deman...
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