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beyond borders 2
Beyond Borders
The merits and dangers of free movement

Multiculturalists and advocates of the free market pay lip service to the free passage of peoples across the globe, but few dare advocate truly open borders. Would free movement between nations create a truly global 'melting pot', or lead to cultural and economic ruin?
language metaphor and reality
Language, Metaphor, and Reality
Methaphors to change the world

The relationship of language to the world has been central to philosophy for at least a century. But what is the role of metaphor? Is it simply an adornment to everyday description or might it be central to explaining how we conceive of and create reality?
seriously playful
Seriously Playful
Creativity, being, and play
Creativity, being, and play

As adults, we put play aside as a childish thing: something we have outgrown. But is this an error? Isn’t playfulness the source of creativity and humanity, the core of our being? Or is play a trivial distraction from the important things in life?
what we dont know about co2
What We Don't Know About CO2
The science of climate change
The science of climate change

There is no question that CO2 levels are increasing due to human activity. But predicting the impact of this is less straightforward. Will our understanding of the world's climate system remain mired in complexity until it is too late? Or is apocalyptic thinking confusing the science?
limits of my world
The Limits of My World
limits of my world
Speakers: Hilary Lawson, Michael Potter, John Searle
Philosophy's linguistic turn

Language has been the focus of philosophical enquiry for the last century. But was the 'linguistic turn' a wrong turn, leading to a barren discipline without 'real world' influence? Is it time for a fresh approach to the big issues, or would this be a capitulation to intellectual fantasy?
my body my choice
My Body, My Choice
my body my choice
Speakers: George Galloway, Philip Graham, Michael Irwin
Euthanasia, freedom and the law

From smoking bans to preventing assisted suicide, the government takes measures to keep us from self-harm. Is this a violation of liberal principles? Should we demand the liberty to damage our own bodies, whether for pleasure or as an escape from pain, or would this undermine the sanctity of human life?
how to play god
How to Play God
how to play god
Categories: Ethics & Religion
Speakers: Steve Fuller
Steve Fuller argues that it’s time to abandon our fear of ‘playing God’, and figure out what kind of deity we want to be. “So much iconoclastic energy courses through the veins of Steve Fuller” AC Grayling
size and the mystery of time
Size and the Mystery of Time
How big is an expanding universe? Julian Barbour sizes up the problem. ”Will change the way we see reality” Lee Smolin
infinite puzzle
The Infinite Puzzle
infinite puzzle
Speakers: Julian Barbour, Peter Cameron, Laura Mersini-Houghton
Does infinity exist?

The universe is infinite, or so we believe. But might it be a mistake to apply the mathematical concept of infinity to the universe? Would it be more helpful to see infinity as an ineffable notion, or should we accept that mathematics rules?
conflict to come
The Conflict to Come
America vs China

The great 20th century conflicts were between western powers, and now we see wars between West and East or the West and Islam.  But is the future of conflict radically different? Will the great battle of the 21st century be between China and India, with the West watching from the sidelines?
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