Introducing the IAI

Our Story

The IAI is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded in 2008 to put philosophy and critical thinking into the heart of public life. There was previously a lack of interdisciplinary conversation, with a philosophical focus, about major global issues. In response, the IAI offers a space in which philosophy, politics, sciences and the arts can meet, and where cutting-edge thinking can be explored. 

At the IAI, we believe that accepted ideas should be interrogated and that philosophy does not belong exclusively in academia but should enrich and enliven everyday life.

The events we curate don’t subscribe to any agenda or ideology; we value intelligent discussion and original thinking. Through our various online and live platforms, the IAI brings together thought-leaders across all disciplines to discuss the biggest and most pressing global issues of our times.  


A space where original and challenging ideas can flourish


To create and incubate original and challenging ideas; to curate debates which tackle contemporary issues and which are freely accessible worldwide; and to provide a new kind of cultural space for philosophical discussion  

What We Do

  • IAI TV

An online channel where the debates we curate are released

  • IAI News

Our online ideas magazine, providing a philosophical perspective on current affairs

  • HowTheLightGetsIn

The world’s largest philosophy and music festival, hosted by the IAI annually in Hay-on-Wye. Tickets to HowTheLightGetsIn 2016 are available here.

  • IAI Academy

A new educational platform with free online courses, giving an original perspective on ideas that matter


IAI TV videos are for personal use only. To exhibit the films to audiences for commercial or educational purpose contact TVF International about the licensing required.


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