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Is honesty a fantasy?

We demand honesty as a core value from politicians and lovers alike. Yet small and not-so-small lies have a habit of creeping into our lives. Is it possible to be completely honest - and would it be desirable? Is lying a necessity for life or should we insist on honesty as a means for social cohesion and trusting relationships?

Speakers: Rae Langton, Tom Sorell, Sophie Van Der Zee

Beyond Post-Modernism

A generation raised on Foucault and Derrida has learned to distrust claims to objective truth. Yet the mantra that 'there is no truth' is a paradox. Do we need a new conception of fantasy and reality to free us from the tyranny of truthmakers and the...

Speakers: Hannah Dawson, Hilary Lawson, John Searle

From climate change to cancer scares we're in love with "the evidence". Philosop...

Speakers: Rupert Read

Is the threat real?

Speakers: John Lloyd, Haras Rafiq, John Sweeney

Can we ever arrive?

Speakers: Dinesh Bhugra, Steve Fuller, Catherine Hakim

From the exhilaration of love to the depths of nihilistic despair, we think emot...

Speakers: Berit Brogaard, Véronique Mottier, David Papineau

Most of us would like to be richer.  But surveys suggest the super rich are no h...

Speakers: Paul Krugman, Frances Stewart, Peter Tatchell, Jamie Whyte

From Oprah Winfrey to Nigel Farage, everyone wants to “tell it like it is”. Sloa...

Speakers: Peter York

We ring-fence NHS spending, and western countries spend ever more on medicine. B...

Speakers: Diane Abbott, Natalie Bennett, David Healy, Mark Salter

Dawkins’ Selfish Gene has defined how we think about evolution. But now the new ...

Speakers: Eva Jablonka, Oliver Scott Curry, Rupert Sheldrake
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