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The end of reason?

Many assume Enlightenment values will triumph over violence and prejudice. But in the wake of ISIS and Charlie Hebdo, victory seems less inevitable and the age of reason less secure. Might history not be on our side after all? Do we need more passion to combat zealotry's allure or will reason alone win in the end?  

Speakers: Madawi Al-Rasheed, Christopher Hamilton, Brendan O'Neill

From Tahrir Square to Hong Kong, Occupy Wall Street to Anonymous, we have seen a surge in grassroots and social media activism. Yet the army is in power in Cairo and bankers continue to draw their bonuses. Is activism a failed strategy? Are political...

Speakers: Daniel Hodges, Carl Miller, Peter Tatchell

We assume all events are caused by something. Yet we happily refer to random cha...

Speakers: Nancy Cartwright, Michael Duff, George Ellis

The horsemen of the apocalypse held sway for much of Western history. Now from s...

Speakers: Jasper Fforde, Frank Furedi, Joanna Kavenna

From personal acts of kindness to charitable gifts to strangers, altruism is see...

Speakers: John Bird, Oliver Scott Curry, Linda Woodhead

Is porn wrong? Or can pornography be a force for good in the world? Activist and...

Speakers: Peter Tatchell

Are our minds confined to our bodies? Eminent philosopher Ted Honderich uncovers...

Speakers: Ted Honderich

Socrates famously claimed 'the unexamined life is not worth living'. Yet from su...

Speakers: Robert Eaglestone, Samantha Roddick, Peter York

As China and Russia adopt their own variants, the reign of capitalism seems abso...

Speakers: Alex Callinicos, Stephen Dorrell, Paul Krugman

From writing to art, the intense to the light hearted, imagination transports us...

Speakers: Paul Boghossian, Terry Eagleton, Joanne Harris
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