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From string theory to the multiverse, the theories of modern physics look increasingly exotic and untestable. But while they may be good for selling books, are they bad science? Do we need a return to empirical experiment, or should imagination be allowed its playground?

Speakers: John Horgan, Tara Shears, David Tong

From depression to bipolar disorder, we think psychiatric diagnoses are real. Yet many now argue that categories of mental illness have little basis in nature. Is it time to abandon psychiatry and its classifications? Would this usher in a new era of...

Speakers: Richard Bentall, Dinesh Bhugra, David Healy

We think aid saves lives. Yet the IMF warns there is no correlation between aid ...

Speakers: Hilary Benn, Thomas Dichter, Bronwen Maddox, Janne Teller

Is the Daily Mail harmless puff or dangerous propaganda? Times columnist Tanya G...

Speakers: Tanya Gold

Founder of loop quantum gravity Carlo Rovelli heads behind the curtain of spacet...

Speakers: Carlo Rovelli

With rapid economic and social change leaving Britain’s men behind, Labour polit...

Speakers: Diane Abbott

Does being cool teach us how to live?

Speakers: Mike Figgis, Caspar Melville, Sandra Newman

Copernicus and Darwin taught us that we are not the centre of the universe. But ...

Speakers: Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Carlos Frenk, Adam Roberts

Russia, China and the New World Order

Speakers: George Galloway, Stephen D. King, Rana Mitter

Despite the decline in religion, most of us remain attached to morality. Yet as ...

Speakers: John Bird, Thomas Pogge, Steven Rose
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