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Many see science as salvation. The UK's foremost scourge of scientific prevention (Guardian) Mary Midgley challenges the orthodoxy of knowledge.


A chasm is growing in Britain, leaving many of us behind. Why haven't we redressed the balance? Labour's Diane Abbott issues a call to arms to end this oppression


Is consistency consistent?

Speakers: Julie Bindel, Robert Rowland-Smith, Barry C Smith

Do particles exist?

Speakers: Peter Atkins, Hilary Lawson, Tara Shears

Is work bad for the soul?

Speakers: Melissa Benn, Frank Furedi, Kate Williams

How to live your life

Speakers: Oliver Burkeman, Erwin James, Helen Lederer

The future is a storm front. Science fiction novelist Warren Ellis reveals where...


What divides us?

Speakers: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Jonathan Cruddas, Chandran Kukathas

Are eternal laws an illusion?

Speakers: Nancy Cartwright, John Ellis, Rupert Sheldrake

From the boardroom to the bedroom, we think happiness means having it all. Prize...

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