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Explorers have lost their appeal, tarred with the brush of colonialism and exploitation. Space travel is unfunded and unloved. Have we made a mistake?  Should we regain our sense of adventure and seek new challenges, or is this a male fantasy best consigned to the dustbin of imperial history?  

Speakers: Pen Hadow, Belinda Kirk, Don Paterson

We see art and science as two cultures with their own uniqueways of understanding the world. Yet polymaths from Leonardo Da Vinci to Francis Bacon saw no such distinction. Can scientists learn from works of art, or must the two cultures remain foreve...

Speakers: Stephen Bayley, Sian Ede, Lewis Wolpert

Alcohol and tobacco, largely made in the West and exported to the rest of the wo...

Speakers: Kevin Sabet, Mary Ann Sieghart, Mike Trace

We think science works because it is true. Yet the theories are different from a...

Speakers: James Ladyman, David Nutt, Rupert Sheldrake

Ted Honderich reveals how our consciousness isn’t limited to the inside of our h...

Speakers: Ted Honderich

As the financial crisis continues, the Left has yet to offer meaningful solution...

Speakers: Simon Glendinning

From string theory to the multiverse, the theories of modern physics look increa...

Speakers: John Horgan, Tara Shears, David Tong

From depression to bipolar disorder, we think psychiatric diagnoses are real. Ye...

Speakers: Richard Bentall, Dinesh Bhugra, David Healy

We think aid saves lives. Yet the IMF warns there is no correlation between aid ...

Speakers: Hilary Benn, Thomas Dichter, Bronwen Maddox, Janne Teller

Founder of loop quantum gravity Carlo Rovelli heads behind the curtain of spacet...

Speakers: Carlo Rovelli
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