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Has physics made philosophy obsolete?

From neuroscience to cosmology, Hawking to Dawkins, many argue science can do away with philosophy. Yet science is replete with philosophical  puzzles. Should we see science as one metaphysics amongst others? Or is this to swap the megalomania of science with that of philosophy?

Speakers: Angie Hobbs, Lawrence Krauss, Mary Midgley

Privacy in a digital age

William Gibson famously claimed that “the future’s here. It just isn’t evenly distributed.” As cyberspace collapses boundaries between nations and individuals alike, the very notion of privacy is under assault, and the economic hegemony of the West i...

Speakers: Cory Doctorow, Steve Fuller, Kate Russell

Can desire help us make sense of the world?

Speakers: Simon Blackburn, Véronique Mottier, James Williams

What can MRI scans of brains in orgasm tell us? Erotic Review founder Rowan Pell...

Speakers: Rowan Pelling

Is our understanding of black holes fundementally wrong? Presenting ground break...

Speakers: Laura Mersini-Houghton

A new global economics

Speakers: Pippa Malmgren, Robert Wade, Pnina Werbner

George Galloway

Speakers: George Galloway

Doon Mackichan

Speakers: Doon Mackichan

Explaining the secrets of the mind

Speakers: Margaret Boden, Steven Rose, Barry C Smith

Owen Jones

Speakers: Owen Jones
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