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Thoeodre Dalrymple argues his personal take on the problems poppies pose.

What is the strange allure of opiate addiction? Author and former prison psychiatrist Thoeodre Dalrymple argues his personal take on the problems poppies pose.

Speakers: Theodore Dalrymple

Has technology brought us the good life?

Western culture is a story of technological advance, medical miracles, and material progress. But depression and suicide rates have oddly not diminished. Why have advances not brought us the good life? Is technology and material benefit irrelevant to...

Speakers: Christopher Hamilton, Serena Kutchinsky, Bruce Parry

Is a nuclear crisis inevitable?

Speakers: Natalie Bennett, Frank Furedi, Patricia Lewis

Where will technology lead the human race?

Speakers: Nicky Ashwell, Richard K. Morgan, Anders Sandberg

Are we responsible for protecting western values?

Speakers: Philip Collins, Lindsey German, Hew Strachan

Nietzsche famously said 'That which does not kill us makes us stronger', but how...

Speakers: Rowland Manthorpe

Should we get rid of nation states?

Speakers: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Daniel Hannan, Sameer Rahim

Is the universe finely tuned for life?

Speakers: Bernard Carr, Chiara Marletto, Massimo Pigliucci

Neuroscientist Ophelia Deroy uncovers the origins of experience.

Speakers: Ophelia Deroy

Where should we draw the line on sexual fantasy? Erotic Review founder Rowan Pel...

Speakers: Serena Kutchinsky, Rowan Pelling, Kirsty White
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