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The modern metropolis emerged not to serve human needs but in response to the industrial revolution. Yet from Great Expectations to Brick Lane, art is ripe with stories of how urban living can transform our identities. Should we build cities to create better people? Or would this turn urban life into an Orwellian dystopia?

Speakers: Chris Huhne, Joanna Kavenna, Richard Sennett

We think we understand what the world is made of. Atoms and, we are now told, bosons, quarks and leptons. Yet our theory of matter does not explain thought. Do we need a radically new model to explain how material things and immaterial thought are co...

Speakers: John Heil, Rupert Sheldrake, Daniel Stoljar

Should we still read philosophy dreamed up hundreds of years ago seriously? Mora...

Speakers: Mary Midgley

Could the world’s continuing financial collapse have its roots in the “Death of ...

Speakers: Peter Watson

Yet another property bubble may be on the way. But in Germany and Japan, home ow...

Speakers: Aditya Chakrabortty, Anatole Kaletsky, Stephen D. King

We believe science is rational. But, like the Church it once fought, it has its ...

Speakers: Peter Atkins, Steve Fuller, David Malone

For a century, logicians have argued that things are either true or false. Yet t...

Speakers: Anita Avramides, Barry C Smith, James Williams

From Cicero to Clinton, Shakespeare to Twitter, eloquence is power. But for some...

Speakers: Emma Borg, Penny Rimbaud, Mark Vernon

David Nutt was fired by the Home Secretary for comparing the harms of ecstasy an...

Speakers: David Nutt

London Feminist Network founder Finn Mackay reveals why real feminism isn’t abou...

Speakers: Finn Mackay
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