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From the exhilaration of love to the depths of nihilistic despair, we think emotion clouds our access to the cold hard stuff of reality. Yet Einstein claimed intuition was a sacred gift and the rational mind only its servant. Are feelings a truer guide to reality than reason?

Speakers: Berit Brogaard, Véronique Mottier, David Papineau

Most of us would like to be richer.  But surveys suggest the super rich are no happier than the rest of us and mental disorders and unhappiness increase with inequality.  Do we need a more equal society, and a global tax on wealth, or does wealth ben...

Speakers: Paul Krugman, Frances Stewart, Peter Tatchell, Jamie Whyte

From Oprah Winfrey to Nigel Farage, everyone wants to “tell it like it is”. Sloa...

Speakers: Peter York

We ring-fence NHS spending, and western countries spend ever more on medicine. B...

Speakers: Diane Abbott, Natalie Bennett, David Healy, Mark Salter

Dawkins’ Selfish Gene has defined how we think about evolution. But now the new ...

Speakers: Eva Jablonka, Oliver Scott Curry, Rupert Sheldrake

How did the death of God give birth to Western capitalism and the religious fund...

Speakers: Terry Eagleton

We think maps tell us how things are. As if they offer, in the philosopher Hilar...

Speakers: Anita Avramides, Roger Davies, Hilary Lawson

Big data is the phrase on everyone's lips. But in an age when we can collect inf...

Speakers: Kenneth Cukier, John Horgan, Angela Saini

Romantic love is central to our culture, our novels, films and lives. Yet histor...

Speakers: Robert Eaglestone, Angie Hobbs, Brooke Magnanti

Peace on earth has been the cry of idealists throughout the ages. Yet it is warf...

Speakers: George Galloway, Edward Mortimer, Richard Shirreff
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