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Is English identity a fantasy of political propaganda? Yasmin Alibhai-Brown reclaims the nation

Is English identity merely a fantasy of political propaganda? Orwell Award-winning journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown reclaims the nation. "Magnificently entertaining" Guardian

Speakers: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Eminent theoretical physicist Roger Penrose presents his extraordinary new view of the cosmos.

What came before the big bang? What happens when our universe ends? Eminent theoretical physicist Roger Penrose presents his extraordinary new view of the comsos. “The most important physicist to work in relativity theory except for Einstein” Lee Smo...

Speakers: Roger Penrose

Could beauty be real rather than subjective, and there be rules for its creation and discovery?

Speakers: Stephen Bayley, Angela Breitenbach, Alastair Reynolds

Dinesh Bhugra, David Healy and Havi Carel put medicine on trial.

Speakers: Dinesh Bhugra, Havi Carel, David Healy

Charlotte Leslie, Phillip Blond and Philip Collins debate the wisdom of the crowd.

Speakers: Phillip Blond, Philip Collins, Charlotte Leslie

Colin Tudge, Stephen Law and Eileen Barker revisit fantasy.

Speakers: Eileen Barker, Stephen Law, Colin Tudge

Berit Brogaard, Karl Friston and Hilary Lawson confront the limits of perception.

Speakers: Berit Brogaard, Karl Friston, Hilary Lawson

Award-winning journalist John Lloyd forecasts the future.

Speakers: John Lloyd

Does physics still need experiments? George Ellis examines contemporary cosmology

Speakers: George Ellis

Angela Breitenbach investigates elegance

Speakers: Angela Breitenbach
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