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The female fantasy

Jane Austen's wickedly satirical heroines have shaped our idea of romantic love. Yet for a close-up into the psyche Woolf is unrivalled. Whose view of womanhood was more real? Do Woolf's heroines reveal more about what it means to be a woman than Austen's manor-born maidens? You decide.

Speakers: Malcolm Guite, Doon Mackichan, Frances Spalding

Is true memory a fantasy?

Memory forms the very fabric of our selves. Yet we forget vastly more than we remember, and we embellish until we no longer trust our own minds. Should we accept that true memory is a fantasy? Does this risk chaos in our courts or liberate us to thin...

Speakers: Margaret Heffernan, Angie Hobbs, Mark Rowlands

Is the present an illusion?

Speakers: Julian Barbour, Joseph Diekemper, Joanna Kavenna

Is absolute right and wrong a fantasy?

Speakers: Simon Blackburn, Phillip Blond, Myriam Francois-Cerrah

Politicians are out of touch, trapped in the Westminster, unable and lost in Bla...

Speakers: Charlotte Leslie

Is art the ultimate arbiter of truth? Philosopher Andrew Bowie shows that reason...

Speakers: Andrew Bowie

Hard and Soft power

Speakers: Philip Collins, Rana Mitter, Clare Short

Are We In Control of Our Selves?

Speakers: Shahidha Bari, Richard Bentall, Barry C Smith

Is truth an illusion?

Speakers: Ray Brassier, Hilary Lawson, Michela Massimi

Is narcissism a virtue that we need more of?

Speakers: Simon Blackburn, George Galloway, Suzannah Lipscomb
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