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For a century, logicians have argued that things are either true or false. Yet t...

Speakers: Anita Avramides, Barry C Smith, James Williams

From Cicero to Clinton, Shakespeare to Twitter, eloquence is power. But for some...

Speakers: Emma Borg, Penny Rimbaud, Mark Vernon

David Nutt was fired by the Home Secretary for comparing the harms of ecstasy an...

Speakers: David Nutt

London Feminist Network founder Finn Mackay reveals why real feminism isn’t abou...

Speakers: Finn Mackay

We rely on experts in every field. Yet from economists to climate scientists the...

Speakers: Norman Lamont, Edward Mortimer, Matthew Parris

We assume our theories about the world are gradually uncovering the way it reall...

Speakers: Jennifer Hornsby, Hilary Lawson, Carlo Rovelli

Science is destined to change human nature. Bioethicist John Harris reveals why ...

Speakers: John Harris

We see democracy as progress. Yet with the evidence of Chinese success, the Arab...

Speakers: Michael Howard, Owen Jones, Laurie Penny, Jamie Whyte

The world around us is manifestly complex. Yet from Aristotle to Einstein, we ha...

Speakers: Julian Barbour, Nancy Cartwright, Steve Fuller

We tend to believe in evil acts, but not evil people. But can we separate a pers...

Speakers: Camila Batmanghelidjh, Sally Green, Mark Rowlands
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