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The cry of democrats and revolutionaries, we value freedom above almost anything...

Speakers: George Ellis, Patrick Haggard, Jennifer Hornsby

By endorsing trickery and deceit, Machiavelli ensured his name would live on in ...

Speakers: Norman Lamont, Sam Macrory, John Mcternan

Scientists and philosophers alike argue that human nature is pre-determined. Ant...

Speakers: Daniel Everett

The Sky at Night host and physicist Maggie Aderin-Pocock takes us on a journey t...

Speakers: Maggie Aderin-Pocock

We think morality is unique to being human. Yet the animal kingdom has many exam...

Speakers: Molly Crockett, Christopher Hamilton, John Harris

Since the French Revolution, the left-right divide has defined the political map...

Speakers: Hilary Benn, Michael Howard, Pippa Malmgren, Peter Oborne

For politicians and journalists, church leaders and chief executives, errors are...

Speakers: Susan Neiman, David Owen, Don Paterson

From Father Christmas to the Tooth Fairy, we are charmed by the fantasies we tel...

Speakers: Doon Mackichan, Meg Rosoff, Mark Rowlands, Mark Salter

You’re so vain, you probably think this talk is about you. Luckily for you, it i...

Speakers: Shahidha Bari

Oxford philosopher Janet Radcliffe Richards uncovers how fundamental beliefs abo...

Speakers: Janet Radcliffe-Richards
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