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Postmodern critic and bestselling scholar Martin McQuillan uncovers the hidden l...

Speakers: Martin McQuillan

Psychologist Nicholas Humphrey argues belief in the soul has been the main drive...

Speakers: Nicholas Humphrey

Spirtuality and the environment

Speakers: Alistair McIntosh, Benny Peiser, Rupert Read

Concept, craftsmanship and art

Speakers: Ben Austin, Godfrey Barker, Andy Holden, Julian Spalding

Steve Fuller argues that it’s time to abandon our fear of ‘playing God’, and fig...

Speakers: Steve Fuller

Metaphors of the body

Speakers: Colin Blakemore, Joanna Kavenna, Rupert Sheldrake

Creativity, being, and play

Speakers: Mike Brearley, Nick Harkaway, Rhianna Pratchett

Methaphors to change the world

Speakers: Michael Erard, Maurice Glasman, Hilary Lawson

The merits and dangers of free movement

Speakers: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Maurice Fraser, Ziauddin Sardar

How big is an expanding universe? Julian Barbour sizes up the problem. ”Will cha...

Speakers: Julian Barbour
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