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Is there a purpose to life? Nietzsche teased "only the English strive for happin...

Speakers: Pascal Bruckner, Nicholas Humphrey, AL Kennedy

We are concerned about the planet. But why? As well as self-interest, don't we a...

Speakers: John Sauven, Colin Tudge

40 years on from the film 2001 many of its predictions have come to pass - video...

Speakers: Margaret Boden, Paul Dolan, Hubert Dreyfus

Can we outwit evolution to make love last? The Oxford Future of Humanity Institu...

Speakers: Anders Sandberg

Alison Wolf uncovers the gulf between the lives of the women now taking over bus...

Speakers: Alison Wolf

Explorers have lost their appeal, tarred with the brush of colonialism and explo...

Speakers: Pen Hadow, Belinda Kirk, Don Paterson

We see art and science as two cultures with their own unique ways of understandi...

Speakers: Stephen Bayley, Sian Ede, Lewis Wolpert

Alcohol and cigarettes, largely made in the West and exported to the rest of the...

Speakers: Kevin Sabet, Mary Ann Sieghart, Mike Trace

We think science works because it is true. Yet the theories are different from a...

Speakers: James Ladyman, David Nutt, Rupert Sheldrake

Ted Honderich reveals how our consciousness isn’t limited to the inside of our h...

Speakers: Ted Honderich
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