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We feel music has an inexplicable even transcendental quality. Yet from Pythagorean accounts of harmony to contemporary musical theory we have found ways to make sense of it. Can we go further and explain it completely? Or is the notion that we can crack the code a scientific and philosophical fantasy?

Speakers: Eric Clarke, Lydia Goehr, Marc Robinson, Rhian Samuel

The Government and the left appear to agree that we have a moral duty to pay tax. Yet hip companies from Google to Starbucks have other ideas. Is paying tax not a moral issue after all? Might avoidance even be a catalyst for growth? Or is paying tax ...

Speakers: Diane Abbott, Chris Huhne, Jamie Whyte

From trees to houses, atoms to stars, we assume our senses and instruments revea...

Speakers: Joanna Kavenna, Hilary Lawson, Roger Penrose

Despite the recent bad press, most of us still think doctor knows best. Yet with...

Speakers: Clare Gerada, David Healy, Gisela Stuart

Are white weddings and happy families past their sell-by date? Author and journa...

Speakers: Helen Croydon

Columnist and former cabinet minister for Energy and Climate Change Chris Huhne ...

Speakers: Chris Huhne

To be taken seriously is an accolade for the thinker. But from Nietzsche to Derr...

Speakers: Julian Baggini, Katy Brand, John Ó Maoilearca

Everything from criminality to love of gossip is in our genes according to some ...

Speakers: Daniel Everett, Janet Radcliffe-Richards, Oliver Scott Curry

Ownership is a keystone to our way of life. But companies now own forms of life ...

Speakers: Phillip Blond, Owen Jones, Anatole Kaletsky

From political cartoons to contemporary art, irony can demean and parody. But it...

Speakers: Sophie Fiennes, Hilary Lawson, Peter Watson
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