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Owen Jones

Following the critically acclaimed Chavs, the Guardian columnist unleashes a powerful attack on the British Establishment. "Superb" Polly Toynbee, Guardian

Speakers: Owen Jones

Can science explain all of existence? Eminent chemist Peter Atkins believes only pessimism, prejudice and fear suggest otherwise.

Speakers: Peter Atkins

Should we clone human beings?

Speakers: Hilary Rose, Anders Sandberg, Ian Wilmut

Can fantasy reveal reality?

Speakers: Jasper Fforde, Mike Figgis, Adam Roberts

Solving the self-referential paradox

Speakers: Peter Cameron, Hilary Lawson, Patricia Waugh

A dangerous idea is holding our literature hostage: Realism. Seeking to overcome...

Speakers: Joanna Kavenna

Former Director of GCHQ David Omand dissects the NSA revelations and what they m...

Speakers: David Omand

Seeking our hidden universe

Speakers: Peter Cameron, George Ellis, David Tong

Fate in modern society

Speakers: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Don Cupitt, Mark Salter

Are facts a fiction?

Speakers: Natalie Bennett, Marcus Brigstocke, Hilary Lawson, David Nutt
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