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David Malone is a director and presenter of BBC and Channel 4 documentaries exploring the history and philosophy of science. His work includes Testing God and he is the author of The Debt Generation.


Life and Work

David Malone is the son of Adrian Malone, the documentary filmmaker who directed Cosmos with Carl Sagan and The Ascent of Man with Bronowski. David has followed in his father’s path to make some of the most thought-provoking films of the past several decades. He worked for nine years at the BBC Science department, and has since made films for Channel 4, BBC2 and BBC4. He is also an outspoken cultural commentator who has written extensively on the pressing issues of debt and the financial meltdown. Malone is a strident critic of the bank bailouts of 2009 both in his book The Debt Generation and regularly on his blog.

His films have looked at a wide range of topics within philosophy, science and religion, such as how developments in 20th Century mathematics have affected our view of the world, the clash between science and religion and the distinction between the heart and mind in discussions of human nature. Malone has devoted much of his work to broadening societal understanding of complex problems. For instance, his first major release, entitled The Flow of Time explored different explanations of time in physics throughout history, and featured several eminent voices from their fields, such as Roger Penrose and Jim Al-Khalili.


  • 1999, The Flow of Time
  • 2001, Testing God
    • Episode 1: Killing the Creator
    • Episode 2: Darwin and the Divine
    • Episode 3: Credo Ergo Sum
  • 2002, Soul Searching
    • Episode 1: Know Thyself
    • Episode 2: The Undiscovered Country
  • 2005, Voices In My Head
  • 2007, Dangerous Knowledge
  • 2008, High Anxieties: The Mathematics of Chaos
  • 2011, The Secret Life of Waves
  • 2012, Heart vs Mind: What Makes Us Human?


David Malone's videos: The Mind's Eye, This is Our Church

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