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Hilary Lawson

Hilary Lawson

Author of Closure: a story of everything, a post Derridian return to metaphysics, and Reflexivity: the post-modern predicament. Lawson is Director of the IAI and Vice-Chair of the Forum for European Philosophy.

Hilary Lawson's videos: Pythagoras' Dream, Uncovering Reality, The Ultimate Map of Reality, After Relativism, Truth, Error & Adventure, Sensuality and Deception, The Ultimate Particle, Everywhere and Nowhere, After Postmodernity, Error, Lies and Adventure Part 2, The Screen Age, Rise of the Machines, Michael Eavis and the Paradise Hunters, Maps of Mystery, Shooting Truth, True to Myself, The Limits of My World, Language, Metaphor, and Reality

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Pythagoras' Dream
Gabriel Gbadamosi, Peter Hacker, Hilary Lawson, Lee Smolin
Uncovering Reality
Hilary Lawson, David Tong, Lev Vaidman
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