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Over the last five years, the IAI has grown from a small part-time team in London to a network of full-time and freelance staff curating an annual festival, an online television channel and world-class debates in venues across the country. We’re looking for bright, highly-motivated individuals to help us stay at the edge of thought leadership.

All applicants should have a strong educational background. The standard route into IAI for graduate applicants is to begin either as a volunteer or as an intern. Applicants for trainee positions would usually need to show at least one year's experience of a similar role. Those applying for positions in the core team will need to show at least two year's experience in an organisation of similar standing.

If you would like to get involved with us but can’t see a position that interests you, email jobs@artandideas.org outlining how you might like to contribute.


Festival Film and Production Volunteers

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