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After Postmodernity

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  • The Debate

    After Postmodernity

    Postmodernism was the intellectual fashion of the turn of the millennium.  But what comes next?  Is there life after relativism or are we all lost in a world without certainties?  What are the new big ideas to sustain humanity and nurture the imagination? Three thinkers from across the intellectual spectrum reveal their visions of where we are and where we are heading.

    The Panel

    Mary Warnock, Hilary Lawson, Ziauddin Sardar. Angie Hobbs chairs.

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William Junger on 29/09/2012 12:33pm

I'd like to add a comment to the story that Hilary puts forward.

In reference to the statement 'closing the openness of the world', in describing experience I would agree, however would define the variables of the statement, such as 'openness', from a different perspective.

I believe that the paradox of defining the indefinable is key to limiting the expression/perspective of humanity. For example, we see space, yet complete space, complete nothingness, at least from a philosophical and not a theoretical physicists perspective, cannot exists. Therefore there is always a presence, a definable experience, after all our senses govern or perceptual experience of the world and in turn our reality, the true nature of reality escapes us, and to quote the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, something I've nick names the 'Theory of Observant Function' we can see this in action, even though we really can’t.

To return back to the 'openness', paradoxically expressed with 'richness and fullness', I believe explaining the perspective of the world in density provides us with a, excuse the pun, 'fuller' picture. It was Heidegger who believed we are constantly becoming, and I agree. In a way it's as though we are in a constant state of flux in which or existence is present through desire for energy to balance itself, I digress however felt there would be some for food for thought.

Does anyone have any thought on my perspective of density … ?

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