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Alchemy, Anarchy, and Science:

Is science the defining triumph of modernity?

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  • The Debate

    Alchemy, Anarchy, and Science

    Science is perhaps the defining triumph of the modern world. Yet it is increasingly under attack both from those who fear its consequences and those who question its claims to unique authority. Is there any real alternative or are we just seeing the return of myth and superstition?

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kranthi askani on 31/12/2013 8:02am

wow..Susan greenfield is incredible

Ryan Conlon on 20/09/2012 11:53am

haha wait until 23:30 when they all get mental! "I'll show you what heckling is" - it's hotting up day in nerdland as Susan greenfield can't handle being interrupted in a rant about things being questioned....

Boom ting on 20/09/2012 11:45am

Steve Fuller? nah, skip to 15:30 and everything gets a whole lot more fit.

Ben James on 20/09/2012 11:30am

09:55 - Steve Fuller being a bit of a legend. Science as a route to salvation - now that's an idea that just makes sense. Why else would we pursue and pursue, with such vigour and unquestioning dedication, these questions which alude to being 'fundamental' questions about 'everything'? It is the new divine - Mythological in its force, concrete in its methods - but also superstitious in terms of its complete faith in itself!

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