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At the World's Edge:

Fantasy, fiction, and desire

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  • The Debate

    At the World's Edge

    Fantasy tales are often seen as peripheral to culture, with little to contribute to our lives beyond throwaway entertainment. Is this an error? Might fantasies be central to
    how we perceive the world, and even gesture towards the limits
    of our understanding?

    The Panel

    Philosopher Terry Eagleton and
    eminent novelist AS Byatt join Terry Pratchett to explore reality’s edge.

    In association with the British
    Humanist Association.

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  • Terry Eagleton
    The Pitch
    The importance of fantasy is often overlooked
  • Antonia Byatt
    The Pitch
    Fantasy allows you to stretch the limits of your imagination
  • Terry Pratchett
    The Pitch
    Fantasy and fiction are more alike than we think
  • The Debate
    Theme One
    Fantasy and freedom
  • The Debate
    Theme Two
    Fantasy and desire
  • The Debate
    Theme Three
    Fantasy and fiction
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DKBrookes on 09/05/2014 7:18pm

Administrators - please do fix the audio on this debate. The vocals were clear for the first few minutes then infused with swarms of digital bees. I had to stop it halfway through. (On second play, clicking back on the play bar thingy, the bees followed and saturated the entire track).

Would love to hear it in its entirety.

Patrick Anderson on 03/01/2014 6:25pm

Great talk but can't stand the audio

Benjamin Parks on 03/01/2014 4:14pm

There are some weird things going on with the audio track to this video.

PratchettFan on 18/07/2013 11:52am

Discworld changed my life!

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