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Con Art:

Do we need a redefinition of conceptual art?

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  • The Talk

    Con Art

    As controversial as ever, and fresh from the success of his book Con Art: Why You Ought to Sell Your Damien Hirsts While You Can, Julian Spalding redefines the notion of conceptual art for the 21st century.

    'One of the worldÂ’s most outspoken critics' - Intelligence Squared

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MikeB on 14/03/2013 1:25pm

Unfortunately, this ends badly. Watch Spalding scam himself believing there is something profound about Picasso's bicycle seat. One could spout the same sort of verbiage to "interpret" Hirst's sheep, something as clever as Spalding's interpretation of Picasso's bicycle seat and handlebars. They look like a bull. So what.

MikeB on 14/03/2013 12:51pm

This is fascinating, but it's an old story. Like all those religious cults that claim to be based on historical miracles, or secular cults like the organic movement, the conceptual art cult is never, never going to go away ... because it has discovered a way to make money.


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