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How to Find a Multiverse

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This Talk

Laura Mersini-Houghton.

Theoretical physicist from University of North Carolina Laura Mersini-Houghton reveals how the latest snapshots from the Planck satellite yield evidence for parallel universes.

"'Her work delves even deeper into how our world came to be than the Big Bang theory." WUNC

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Daniel Bollag on 02/10/2014 10:14pm

I agree with the math and the general question of where a black hole comes on if the collapsing*no longer has the mass to cause it. However the below paper suggests a different answer to that very puzzling question it suggests that the black hole is puncture in space time and therefore the gravity is coming from outside our universe please see below paper:


Singularity is a Puncture in Space-time.

Gravity is geometrical in nature and implies elasticity/plasticity, which infers a break- ing point to our universal fabric. The assertion of the author is that when a mass reaches its Schwarz-child radius, it has reached the breaking point of our universe and as a consequence, may puncture it. This may in turn expose our universe to the "Absolute Gravity" (g=c in all directions) of infinite space outside our universe (this does not take into account any other universe that may exist). Out of this process, a black hole forms from the point of singularity/puncture until the original point of the Schwarz- child radius. We will discuss some of the possible consequences of this theory as well as its possible effects on universal expansion and its multiverse implications.

Full paper can be found below:


T MM on 25/05/2014 9:59pm

For an evolving set of 3-manifolds i.e. 3-surfaces, see https://sites.google.com/site/zankaon

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