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Music's Mystery:

The secret to music's emotion

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Joanna Bailie, Philip Ball, Michael McIntyre. Gabrielle Walker hosts.

Since the Pythagoreans first investigated the relationship between mathematics and harmony, we have developed theories to explain away the power of music. Is this an error? Should we relish the ineffability of music, or is this a capitulation to mindless romanticism?

The Panel

Composer Joanna Bailie, Cambridge systems physicist Michael McIntyre, and author of The Music Instinct Philip Ball ask whether it is possible to explain music's power.

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MC Xander
MC Xander
United Vibrations
United Vibrations
Trust Me, I'm Google
Ben Hammersley, Matt Jameson Evans, Victoria Lambert, Mark Salter
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  • Joanna Bailie
    The Pitch
    No single theory can explain the power of music
  • Michael McIntyre
    The Pitch
    We may analyse it, but we will never solve music's mystery
  • Philip Ball
    The Pitch
    We still don't know what makes for great music
  • The Debate
    Theme One
    How does music incite our emotions?
  • The Debate
    Theme Two
    Cultural illusions
  • The Debate
    Theme Three
    Mathematics and music
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rosinhaly on 08/11/2013 2:21pm

The emotional response we get to music is something very human in my mind. It seems difficult to believe that it's to do with McIntyre pleasant platonic objects or Ball's mislead expectations... Music does move us in a way that simple speech doesn't though, and perhaps Mark Changizi was right, when he suggested that music moves us because it's been culturally selected to sound like an emotionally expressive human.

Henry on 08/11/2013 12:32pm

I think it requires quite a leap of faith to take as a given that the reason why music incites emotion in us is due to the setting up of expectations which are then broken. There is almost nothing there to suggest that this is why music affects us, the fact that it does however is beyond question. Advances in neuroscience, most famously the creation and refinement of brain imaging, has shown that both listening to and creating music creates changes in our brain chemistry. Surely you cannot trick yourself by creating an expectation and then breaking it? Isn't that by itself already enough to undermine this theory?

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