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Search for the Higgs Boson:

The God particle and the secrets of the universe

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  • The Talk

    Search for the Higgs Boson

    Can a single sub-atomic particle help us unlock the secrets of the universe?

    CERN theoretical physicist and coiner of the term 'theory of everything', John Ellis, takes us with lucid imagery and personal passion on the hunt for the notorious 'God Particle'.

    Hear the science behind the headlines, and join the conversation below.

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Klaus Reyjk on 12/07/2012 11:56am

No, religious connotations have nothing to do with it. It closes the possibilities - the way that people understand science. And since now there's the possibility of multiple Higgs bosons, clearly thinking about it in monotheistic terms, or story-ending terms, is to completely ignore what Ellis says at the end of the video - that he hopes that they DON'T find the higgs - just somehting LIKE it. The we can keep learning.

TheoPhysical on 12/07/2012 11:55am

Surely the main problem with calling it the 'God particle' are the religious connotations! and seriously that's a physicist's worst nightmare.

Bernatolle K on 12/07/2012 11:51am

Klaus, that is quite clearly to underestimate the value of this discovery. He can now wear that T-shirt with pride. And be closer than we have ever been in the history of knowledge to understand where we came from - and what the universe is made of. Which would also be a nice.

Klaus Reyjk on 12/07/2012 11:37am

As Ellis says, this really is only the beginning. Hence why it seems so inappropriate to call it the 'God particle', anything so sensationally ultimate.

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