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The Fantasy of Technology:

Can technology drive human progress?

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  • The Debate

    The Fantasy of Technology

    From the wheel to the iPad, we see technology as the driver of progress. But is technical innovation as important as we think? Is it mankind’s salvation, or has a technological arms race taken the place of meaningful human goals?

    The Panel

    Leading cybernetics expert Kevin Warwick, cultural theorist Eva Aldea, science journalist Angela Saini, and philosopher of information Luciano Floridi take technology to task.

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  • Kevin Warwick
    The Pitch
    Former cyborg embraces the potential of technology to change humanity.
  • Angela Saini
    The Pitch
    Science journalist argues for liberation through technology.
  • Luciano Floridi
    The Pitch
    Philosopher of information fears technology replacing human thought.
  • Eva Aldea
    The Pitch
    Cultural theorist sees technology as an evolutionary force.
  • The Debate
    Theme One
    Should machines think for us?
  • The Debate
    Theme Two
    Should we be afraid of technology?
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MercedesColomar on 22/11/2012 3:50pm

Really? What about measuring periods of time by political and social movements and events? World wars I & II, women's liberation, the end of apartheid - these are all huge landmarks through which we gauge progression or regression in the advancement of human civilisation. You can't easily separate man from his tools, but nor can you reduce him to them.

ChowchillaC on 22/11/2012 3:41pm

It always has been. Don't we commonly think of the origins of the human intellect and human civilisation through the trope of the wheel? And all cultures have myths of fire provided by the Gods. It's impossible to separate mankind and his tools.

MercedesColomar on 22/11/2012 1:35pm

Blocks of time are now measured in gaps between iPhone releases and new games consoles. Tech advancement isn't just replacing meaningul goals, it's becoming the markers of human history.

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