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The Internet is Not a Waffle Iron Connected to a Fax Machine

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  • The Talk

    The Internet is Not a Waffle Iron Connected to a Fax Machine

    The internet is not a waffle iron connected to a fax machine, it’s the nervous system of the 21st century. Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow on making sure computers  say "Yes, master" and not "I can't let you do that, Dave."

    "The William Gibson of his generation" Entertainment Weekly

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Eric Wood on 30/09/2013 6:57am

Amazing insight into a world of which has one of the biggest impacts on all of our lives and yet honestly most of us including myself haven't a clue how it works on the technical side..I do believe that the Internet and all forms of computer technology will either be the reason this world will prevail and overcome all barriers and allow us to unite in saving us from ourselves or it will become the ultimate tool we create that will cause the destruction of humanity itself. I can't help but think that we in the "Now" are totally unable to contemplate what our technology will become in the next 100 200 years. Eventually our technology of today, will be creating its own future technology..and hopefully we will be allowed to stay the rare and unique anomaly we are but i truly believe it is ultimately up to us. Men like Cory help open our eyes and minds and i hope he and others like him will always continue to remind us of the things that truly matter.. I truly thank you all and always ..THINK Openly, SPEAK bravely and LIVE freely!

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