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The Ultimate Particle:

Finding the building block of the universe

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  • The Debate

    The Ultimate Particle

    Billions have been invested in search of the Higgs boson, or God particle. Some say we are on the cusp of uncovering the ultimate building blocks of the universe. But might this be a mirage? Can there be a final theory of matter?


    CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer, post-postmodern thinker Hilary Lawson and writer Gwyneth Jones go in search of the ultimate particle.

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lewmay on 07/04/2015 8:50am

Why Hilary? Please stay home and play with your attitude alone. A good topic is better when everyone is trying to find more. It's easy to find less in everything. You need a spanking.

jimpliciter on 18/12/2014 1:31am

Lawson’s statement about the apple farmer (vs. the physicist) ignores the issue of the utility of different kinds of representation. Obviously the farmer doesn’t need to know Newtonian mechanics to do what he does qua apple farmer. Likewise you can remain as ignorant as you want about what goes into a loaf of bread until it comes time to actually make bread. Then you will need all the baking information relevant to fulfilling the task. Knowing the chemical composition of water is irrelevant for ordinary uses of water. If however you want to produce electrolysis for example perhaps for some industrial purpose, then you’ll need all the chemistry you can get your head around.

kranthi askani on 18/12/2013 10:06am

wow..loved it...we are refining the metaphors and exhausting them...this one stuck with me...thank u

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