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The World After Men:

The rise of matriarchy

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  • The Debate

    The World After Men

    Feminism has been focused on equal status for women. But does this limit the horizon? With girls outperforming boys in education and with little social requirement for physical strength, is there a case for a matriarchal culture? Or would this be regressive for society and for feminism itself?

    The Panel

    Katie Derham invites former Osborne chief of staff Matthew Hancock, eminent American feminist Carol Gilligan and Radical feminist Finn Mackay to dispute the merits of matriarchy.

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  • Matthew Hancock
    The Pitch
    We need to celebrate our differences and diversity
  • Carol Gilligan
    The Pitch
    Patriarchy is repsonsible for male-female binaries
  • Finn Mackay
    The Pitch
    We need to escape patriarchy
  • The Debate
    Theme One
    Gender inequality
  • The Debate
    Theme Two
    A man’s world
  • The Debate
    Theme Three
    Democracy and opportunity
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lewmay on 28/02/2015 11:09am

The star of this debate was Finn Mackay, Strong statements, firm logic, a breath of fresh air. The remark that " Men are toilet trained gorillas" was on the money. I am a short male, when I step into the room, everyone looks down, and keeps it there ongoing. Society needs glasses. The tall have elevation suggesting more, in fact usually less. The new 'half and half' human will save us all.

kwan on 07/02/2015 8:55pm

We should use a 'quota' system to equalise our inequality. Example of Europe should be taken seriously. UK is still very much lead by the past. Parliament should use a 'quota' system to advance our equality.

Noneya Biznazz on 04/04/2014 11:56pm

Why, when you sign in, does it not take you back to the video you were viewing?

Noneya Biznazz on 04/04/2014 11:55pm

oops, last comment was supposed to go on a different video

Noneya Biznazz on 04/04/2014 11:53pm

Right about this but wrong about capital punishment? This guy hasn't met some of the monsters that humanity produces. Sometimes the only justice is to end them in a permanent way.

The idea that one should not harm others implies another rule: that if you break the rule about harming others, you forfeit your rights against being harmed. If you murder others, you forfeit your rights against being murdered.

Fairness is a stronger social force than compassion.

ulyx on 17/02/2014 4:13pm

We are all human and all huamns should have equal rights so we should not be judged on things like gender. Woman and men are different in some ways yes, but we have the far more in common than things we don't.

Marcus Anderson-Smythe on 30/01/2014 5:22pm

Consider the following:

The thing about these articles is that they are just ignorant, they don't go in to depth, and they prefer it that way aslong as it gives the "women are better" image, regardless of it not being the case.

For example, the education part. Yes, more women are in education than men, however more men are in classes of value than women, such as math, science, engineering, and so on, where as the majority of classes in the arts, pretty much useless classes to society that are not of intelligent nature, are dominated by women...

I really don't take these things seriously, as the people speaking tend to appeal to info they want to hear when a further analysis of that same info is against them.

Robert Graham on 29/01/2014 2:06pm

Liza, you don't really believe that the word history, which comes from the Greek language, has anything to do with the English masculine pronoun "his", do you? That word is no more patriarchal than the word "niggardly" is racist.

Liza Saffo on 29/01/2014 1:05am

FeMANism?!!! Really dude? Literally everything in society has man/men/his in it and you're idea is to add man to feminism? That's seriously hilarious. Why don't you take a look at our patriarchal HIStory and rethink that. Wow

Steve Garrett on 24/01/2014 7:41pm

I agree that the 'Feminism' term alienates lot of men who may be open to, and enthusiastic about the possibility of more equality (alongside difference) between the women and men. This was why I coined the term FeMANism, which I hope could help bridge that gap. More about it on:

KatyKay on 24/01/2014 10:06am

The MP is right - we have to celebrate our differences. The fact is that men and women are different - he rightly points out that women give birth, breast feed, etc. If we try and pretend we are all the same then we're never going to be move ahead and have gender equality.

Noneya Biznazz on 23/01/2014 7:11pm

1.) The most dramatic changes to the status quo take place in the generational shifts, as the environment created by the public is absorbed and averaged by the children. The next generation of children grow up having been exposed to a wider range of concepts than their parents did, and social issues take another step down the field toward their eventual destination.

2.) Getting conservatives engaged in debate (not a brace of like-minded individuals splitting hairs) is one way you impact the socio-environment and budge the average over slightly.

3.) Winning over conservatives will change the social scene much more quickly. If you can get the conservatives to agree that you're half-right, you change that environment more and the generational shift takes a wider step than the previous one.

4.) A patriarchal male nicknamed Bubba, or Joebob, who owns a pickup, a gun-rack, likes to hunt and fish and ride 4-wheelers and drink, etc. will never EVER call himself a feminist. Not publicly nor privately. It won't happen. Those entrenched in the patriarchal system will not label themselves with the flag of the "enemy". Accept that as a fact of the situation.

5.) They might just be able to consider themselves "Equalists", as it will allow them to embrace the concept of equality, yet not sacrifice their identity as non-feminine. This will change the environment in a much more dramatic way than having a dividing line between the conservatives and the feminists. If it is really a problem, of how to brand the idea of equality so that it might better be absorbed by children, which I clearly think it is, then something as changeable as the name of a movement shouldn't be a roadblock. There is a science to marketing. USE IT.

6.) Realize that the people on top have usually scratched and clawed and fought their way to get where they are (discounting Royalty, ofc) and nobody is in the business of making things easier on anyone. Nobody is going to hand you a company because you have ovaries, and forcing companies to do so is wrong. If you want to own a company, start one.

Other than these points, I agreed with most of what was said in the video and didn't see it as much of a debate, so much as 5 feminists sitting on a stage wondering why their movement hasn't won yet when its so great.

You must craft your message for the world you're in, and not get hung up on vanities like names.

Create the movement for the next generation.

Noneya Biznazz on 23/01/2014 6:17pm

If you want feminism to be more focused on actual equality rather than female dominance, change the name. Call it Equalism.

Otherwise, you're still defining the movement by one sex.

Catherine Moore on 23/01/2014 3:58pm

Finn has the intellectual power and verbal skills to get her message across. Besides, her message is based in understanding and compassion. Impressive lady! I enjoyed the talk. I'd be happy to hear more on this subject.

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