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Trust Me, I'm Google:

Medicine in a digital age

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  • The Debate

    Trust Me, I'm Google

    Online pharmacies and medical databases are enabling individuals to bypass doctors. Is the democratisation of medical practice progress? Can patients be trusted to self-prescribe, or is medical authority necessary for our health?

    The Panel

    Consultant psychiatrist and filmmaker Mark Salter, medical journalist Victoria Lambert, and surgeon and online medical entreupreneur Matt Jameson Evans explore the future of democratised medicine.

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  • Victoria Lambert
    The Pitch
    The internet will revolutionise the medical practice
  • Mark Salter
    The Pitch
    The internet will never displace doctors as guardians of medicine
  • Matt Jameson Evans
    The Pitch
    Democritisation of medicine can only occur via the internet
  • The Debate
    Theme One
    Is self-diagnosis dangerous?
  • The Debate
    Theme Two
    The doctor-patient relationship
  • The Debate
    Theme Three
    The future of medicine
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GracSol on 25/10/2013 1:21pm

That’s a rather blinkered view, Perry. Technology is advancing at such a rate that it’s not just possible but downright likely that we will be able to bypass most human interference when dealing with illness. There are already robots performing surgery and diagnostic hardware capable of diagnosing the most obscure genetic disorders, having computer programmes clever enough to ask the right questions is just one more step in that direction.

Perry on 25/10/2013 1:14pm

The concept of the internet ever taking over medicine is just blatantly absurd. However advanced analysis software gets, there is never going to be a point where someone with no medical education is able to diagnose and self-prescribe themselves successfully by filling in a questionnaire online.

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