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Truth, Error & Adventure

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    Truth, Error & Adventure

    Philosophers have pursued truth, and many have placed truth at the centre of their account of meaning. But might this be a mistake? Could error be at the heart of language, and adventure, rather than truth, be the matter in hand? In the first of three events on the theme, Hilary Lawson will argue for a radical reappraisal of the importance of error.

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jimpliciter on 23/02/2015 11:30pm

One gets the feeling this could be stated in simpler terms: there are many things in one’s immediate environment (Wayne Wu’s “many-many problem). With respect to anyone of these things there perhaps indefinitely many ways one can interact with them. No individual way brings with it any more epistemic privilege than any other. Because of this, there are many ‘lower case truths’; hence there’s no reason to assume there are any ‘truths with a capital “T”’ (Science doesn’t always trump ordinary experience). Basically- there are many ways to skin a cat.

JRDAGO on 09/12/2014 2:04pm

- A paradigm shift.

The talk “Truth, Error and Adventure” by Hilary Lawson drew my attention again to the fact that just based in our minds and sometimes also in eccentric opinions we keep losing endless time in useless discussions trying to be convincing about what is reality and thereby provoking enormous social woes and beyond that destroying without the slightest judgement the nature of the planet.

I could notice, by looking at the good examples he showed that there is a total inability to assert that someone has the complete capacity to ensure what is reality.

So, could it be the final case that the only thing we can be sure of, is that we cannot know the reason why things exist as they are and the important role they play in the Earth’s ecosystem?

Definitely it should be better not to tamper with them or destroy them completely, before we get to understand what they are about.

Of course we can not disregard completely our personal experiences and the social systems that we have developed. After all, claiming that it is impossible to fully understand what happens to our minds in the outside world does not mean that humans should not trust in common sense.

But, maybe a paradigm shift need occur and then we will leave Nature to do what it has been doing for billions of years before some of our radical interference. That looks to be a vital chance for our healthy future in the world.

kgotla on 07/11/2014 1:45am

I seem to have read this argument as: everything we know about the world is a model. All models are imperfect representation and therefore one can always find a difference (error) between the model (closure) and the underlying object (openness). Complexity theory covers most of the problems identified in this presentation

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