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Why we all need Big Ideas

Why we all need Big Ideas

Julian Baggini, Justina Robson, Peter Worley. Peter Sedgwick hosts.

From Alain de Botton to Philosophy Bites, it seems that popular philosophy has never been more popular. What makes us hunger for the big ideas in life? Can any general introduction give us access to the benefits of philosophical wisdom, or is enlightenment difficult by definition?


Julian Baggini talks to academic Dr Peter Sedgwick, author Justina Robson and educational campaigner Peter Worley about whether big ideas can ever be bite-size.

The Edge of Reason
Steve Fuller, Peter Hacker, Steven Rose, Robert Rowland-Smith
The Origin of Knowledge
Piers Corbyn, David Malone, Chris Surridge, Kevin Warwick
Gods and Monsters
Felicity Evans, Gerald Moore, Mark Vernon, Lewis Wolpert
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