The IAI Physics Course

IAI online Physics Course

We at the IAI are thrilled to launch the online IAI Physics Course for students aged 15-17.

At a time when most students are stuck at home, their exams cancelled and their study curtailed, there is a real need amongst teachers for a wide variety of e-learning resources.

With the help of funding from The Ogden Trust, the IAI has produced a six-part online physics course for the use of physics teachers across the UK.

The Ogden Trust | IAI Online Physics Course

About the course

Featuring material from the IAI Library, and appearances from top physicists such as Carlo Rovelli and Catherine Heymans, the IAI Physics Course seeks to inspire and inform in equal measure.

The IAI Course does not cover core syllabus content. Its goal is to spark students’ curiosity, to introduce them to some of the big ideas, problems and debates in the subject, and to bring them into the world of physicists.

IAI Online Physics Course | physicist Sean Carroll speaks in a debatePhysicist Sean Carroll speaks in a debate on the origins of the universe

Explore questions like:

  • Will we ever reach Mars?
  • What kinds of skills do we need to explore space?
  • How do we learn about the distant cosmos?
  • How did the universe come into being?
  • What are the laws that govern reality?
  • What is spacetime?
  • What are dark matter and dark energy?
  • What do physicists not yet know?


How to get involved

If you’re a teacher and you’d like to engage your students with challenging questions such as these, click on the link below to access the Course in full.

Feel free to email should you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback.