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Barry C. Smith hosts

Director of the Institute of Philosophy, University of London

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The Illusion of Sense

From bats to beetles, animals sense the world differently in order to survive. Yet we think seeing and feeling tell us how things really are. Might our senses be radically limited? Are science and logic routes to escape our sensory limitations, or is feeling the rain on our skin the closest we get to truth?

Are the minds of others profoundly unknowable?

Speakers: Robert Eaglestone, Anita Avramides, Nicholas Humphrey

Can the brain explain experience?

Speakers: Susan Blackmore, Nicholas Humphrey, Philip Goff

What is reality made of?

Speakers: John Dupré, Subir Sarkar, Nancy Cartwright

Are humans more than machines?

Speakers: Raymond Tallis, Markus Gabriel, Susanna Martinez-Conde

Is love an evolutionary trick?

Speakers: Brooke Magnanti, Neil Strauss, Nicholas Humphrey

Are meditation and mindfulness just myths?

Speakers: Miguel Farias, Linda Woodhead, Vishvapani Blomfield