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Christopher Hamilton hosts

Reader in Philosophy at KCL and author of Living Philosophy

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Our Sins and Our Selves

It is said that Mother Theresa allowed many to die unnecessarily and glorified suffering. While Stalin was a loving son to his parents, and Hitler - a vegetarian who adored his dog.  Are we wrong to assume that there is a single self behind our actions? Are people not good or bad but only individual actions?  Should we accept that we are inconsistent and unpredictable...

How does language describe the world?

Speakers: Corine Besson, Hilary Lawson, Nancy Cartwright

Can focusing on oneself bring about happiness?

Speakers: Amy Grier, Doll Cat Pvssy, Tim Dowling

Selling the body versus selling the mind

Speakers: Finn Mackay, Simon May, Minette Marrin

The family is in transition. A generation is growing up with multiple parents a...

Speakers: Oliver James, Henrietta Moore, John Naish