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Decolonising Philosophy

Many see the search for universal truths about the world as the noble aim of philosophy. Yet our universities largely dismiss non-Western philosophy, and critics argue that British students are taught a narrow analytic approach. Are great ideas independent of time, place and tradition? Do African conceptions of the self or Chinese Mohist logic offer equally valid insi...

Why does the dark and the dangerous attract us?

Speakers: Christopher Hamilton, John Milbank, Patricia MacCormack

Is beauty something we now buy?

Speakers: Sam Roddick, Bence Nanay, Justine Kolata

Can we trust our reason?

Speakers: Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Alister McGrath, Paul Boghossian

Does philosophy give meaning to our life?

Speakers: Rupert Sheldrake, Maria Balaska

Can empirical observation lead us to the truth?

Speakers: Angela Saini, Steve Fuller, Rupert Sheldrake, Peter Atkins

Is our belief in morality a dangerous fantasy?

Speakers: Matthew Taylor, Rebecca Roache, Hilary Lawson