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David Malone hosts

Documentary filmmaker, author of The Debt Generation

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Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing

Heidegger held the most important question to be "why is there something rather than nothing?" Hawking believes science will one day provide an answer. But is this a delusion? Is explaining creation beyond us or is there really a chance we can solve the greatest mystery of all?

Has science killed philosophy?

Speakers: Jonathan Derbyshire, Steve Fuller, Lewis Wolpert

Explaining everything and Nothing

Speakers: John Ellis, James Ladyman, Laura Mersini-Houghton

Will computers ever match human intelligence?

Speakers: David Chalmers, Kate Devlin, Hilary Lawson

Metaphors of the body

Speakers: Colin Blakemore, Joanna Kavenna, Rupert Sheldrake

Is self-discovery a desirable and vital goal?

Speakers: David Chalmers, Joanna Kavenna, Ed Stafford

Why is gravity so elusive?

Speakers: Laura Mersini-Houghton, Erik Verlinde, Frank Wilczek
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