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The Dark Side of Environmentalism

From energy-saving light-bulbs to recycling bins, we are increasingly ecologically aware. But what motivates our newfound environmental consciousness? Are we driven by more than an economic desire to avoid disaster? A fundamental desire to reconnect with nature perhaps or atonement for relentless consumption?

Should there be a limit to the power of the global elite?

Speakers: William Cash, Laurie Penny, Jonathan Bailey, Peter York

Should we get back to being playful?

Speakers: Chris Bateman, Don Paterson, Harry Eyres

In a scientific age faith seems to show no signs of dying off. Is it a fundament...

Speakers: Mark Vernon, Gerald Moore, Lewis Wolpert

From Tracey Emin to Philip Roth, there is no shortage of autobiographical art. B...

Speakers: Joanna Kavenna

Without a big idea is art reduced to entertainment, decoration and the merely tr...

Speakers: AL Kennedy, Iain McGilchrist