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Gabriel Gbadamosi hosts

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Pythagoras' Dream

Pythagoras thought he had discovered the key to the universe: mathematics. Was Pythagoras right? Should we see mathematics as the ultimate character of the world or is this a limited vision?

Rethinking romance

Speakers: Dennis Marks, Godfrey Barker, Griselda Pollock

We like to think we're a sexually liberated society. But are there still limits ...

Speakers: Gerald Moore, Brett Kahr, Rowan Pelling

Projection and moving image are changing our architecture and the way we live an...

Speakers: Hilary Lawson, George Barber, Justina Robson

From yoga and meditation to celebrity followers, eastern spirituality is in vogu...

Speakers: Mark Vernon, Jampa Thaye, Gay Watson

From the world stage to the parts we play in our own lives, is it human nature t...

Speakers: Tim McInerny, Richard Schoch, Jez Butterworth

From Facebook to Twitterati, Second Life to the blogosphere, the internet has tr...

Speakers: Brett Kahr, Ben Hammersley, Daniel Miller