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The Eureka Moment

Scientific advance is a roll call of eureka moments. Can they be planned? Does the institutional character of big science research militate against these critical imaginative leaps? Should we encourage the outsider, and break the system of peer review in an attempt to create more eureka moments, or does good science require a strong establishment?

Is psychiatry dangerous?

Speakers: Richard Bentall, Steve Fuller, Simon Wessely

From the Russian mafia to global corporations, from Chinese leaders to Saudi pr...

Speakers: David Aaronovitch, Robin Dunbar, Simon Glendinning, Bonnie Greer

Can elite women help all women?

Speakers: Kimberlé Crenshaw, Myriam Francois, Margaret Heffernan

Medicine, trust, and power

Speakers: Sue Bailey, David Healy, Jeremy Taylor

Is it wrong for state budgets to focus on growth?

Speakers: Michael Howard, Ann Pettifor, Robert Shiller

Nietzsche quipped: "Humanity does not strive for happiness, only the English do...

Speakers: Richard Layard, Simon May, Jesse Norman
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