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The Left, the Right and the Righteous

The left has traditionally seen itself as progressive, with history and morality on its side. But is history on anyone's side? And as for morality, don't all politicians think they're in the right? Should the left then give up its claim to the moral high ground and argue for policies on pragmatic grounds alone? Or would this be to undermine its very core and meaning?

Can elite women help all women?

Speakers: Kimberlé Crenshaw, Margaret Heffernan, Myriam François

Britain in Uncharted Territory

Speakers: Anatole Kaletsky, Leanne Wood, Mark Francois, Barry Gardiner

Is a politics of emotion bad?

Speakers: Steve Fuller, Angie Hobbs, Leanne Wood

Medicine, trust, and power

Speakers: Sue Bailey, David Healy, Jeremy Taylor

Are mavericks the real innovators in science?

Speakers: David Berman, James Wilk, Rupert Sheldrake

What does mainstream feminism promise?

Speakers: Myriam François, Rowan Pelling, Emma Sulkowicz