Isabel Hilton

Founder and and editor of, Hilton is a former editor-in-chief of and has reported from China, South Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East for the BBC, the Sunday Times, the Independent and the Guardian.

Founder and and editor of, Hilton is a former editor-in-chief of and has reported from China, South Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East for the BBC, the Sunday Times, the Independent and the Guardian.

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Commitments to global equality

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Post-Trump America

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The perils of population

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How vital is art to our lives and culture?

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Inspiring change without pointing fingers

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The life and philosophy of Fiona Hill

The thorn in Trump's side

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Justice in jeopardy

Innocence and guilt in the modern world

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Is idealism central to politics?

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Privilege and freedom

The limits of free speech in education