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Joanna Kavenna hosts

Winner of the Orange First Novel prize for Inglorious.

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The Reality Illusion

'Seeing is believing , seeing is the truth'. Yet cognitive scientists seem to have uncovered these views as incorrect. Evolution led us to perceive what is best for survival and it turns out this has little to do with what we call 'reality'. Is reality then a creative construct that helps us to live but doesn't reflect the world? Are physical objects a useful hallucin...

Might madness be a strange form of wisdom?

Speakers: Richard Bentall, Patricia Casey, Robert Rowland Smith

Is the world dependent on language?

Speakers: Hilary Lawson, Stephen Neale, Janne Teller

Is human creativity no more than mechanics?

Speakers: Margaret Boden, George Ellis, Warren Ellis

Is consciousness inexplicable?

Speakers: Ray Brassier, Markus Gabriel, Eva Jablonka

Is memory a recollection or a construction?

Speakers: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Richard Bentall, Steve Fuller

Can we find the right words for everything?

Speakers: Stanley Fish, Hilary Lawson, Genia Schönbaumsfeld