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Jonathan Derbyshire hosts

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The Word and the World

The power of words is a wonder, and language perhaps our greatest skill. Yet the gap between the sound of a bell and its description is huge. So what is language? Are the limits of language so profound that the big questions of science and philosophy are beyond us? Or can everything be said if we try hard enough?

Is free will an illusion?

Speakers: George Ellis, Patrick Haggard, Jennifer Hornsby

Explaining the transcendental

Speakers: Eric Clarke, Lydia Goehr, Marc Robinson, Rhian Samuel

Are we more alive when we are alone?

Speakers: Kate Williams, Ed Stafford, Simon Glendinning

Rationality and climate change

Speakers: Bjorn Lomborg, Polly Higgins, Crispin Tickell, Nigel Lawson

A new vision of reality

Speakers: Terry Eagleton, Joanne Harris, Paul Boghossian

Is the divine a fantasy?

Speakers: John Milbank, Madawi Al-Rasheed, Stephen Law