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Julian Baggini hosts

Co-founder and editor of The Philosophers’ Magazine, author of The Duck That Won The Lottery

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Morality of the Tribe

We think everyone should be treated equally. Yet we also think we are right to care most about our family, our friends and our lovers, and 82% of charitable donations in the UK are given to the causes closest to home. Should we just accept that our ethics are in practice tribal? Or is a universal concern for humanity the bedrock of a civilized culture? In which case, ...

What do secular and religious worldviews share?

Speakers: Myriam François, Anthony Gottlieb

Is culture beyond genetics?

Speakers: Daniel Everett, Janet Radcliffe-Richards, Oliver Scott Curry

Does WikiLeaks represent democracy?

Speakers: Annie Machon, Douglas Murray, Nigel Warburton

The epigenetic revolution

Speakers: Adrian Bird, Caroline Relton, Steven Rose

Is the sublime real?

Speakers: Hilary Lawson, Sally Phillips, Alastair Reynolds

Can we measure our emotions?

Speakers: Richard Coles, Catherine Hakim, Mark Salter