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Julian Baggini hosts

Co-founder and editor of The Philosophers’ Magazine, author of The Duck That Won The Lottery

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Love Incorporated

As Romeo and Juliet showed, love is a wild and unpredictable force even when faced with reason and control. But we join online dating sites to increase our probability of finding it. Are emotions and intimacy rational choices that can be measured and explained, or is this the sort of reductionist thinking that love seeks to escape?

The epigenetic revolution

Speakers: Adrian Bird, Caroline Relton, Steven Rose

Is culture beyond genetics?

Speakers: Daniel Everett, Janet Radcliffe-Richards, Oliver Scott Curry

Beauty, intellect, and power

Speakers: Jim Crace, Hannah Dawson, Catherine Hakim

Does WikiLeaks represent democracy?

Speakers: Annie Machon, Douglas Murray, Nigel Warburton

Carol Diethe, Anthony O'Hear, Simon May. Julian Baggini chairs. Gone are the ass...

Speakers: Carol Diethe, Simon May, Anthony O'Hear

Our age idolises youth. But as lifespans extend what will come of our cult of y...

Speakers: Aubrey de Grey, Anthony O'Hear, Laurie Penny
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