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Democracy - a failed strategy?

Worldwide, 36 million people took part in demonstrations against Western intervention in the Middle East. Fast forward to 2021 and Joe Biden finally listened, pulling troops out of Afghanistan. Western liberals initially celebrated. But now the criticism has turned as the real consequences play out on the ground. This change of heart is part of a pattern. Sometimes it...

Should we value one over the other?

Speakers: Jesse Norman, Lisa Feldman Barrett, Shreepali Patel

Are our current solutions just a short term fix?

Speakers: Martin Rees, Thomas Sterner, Judith Curry

Are we on the brink of a new world order?

Speakers: Peter Tatchell, Philip Collins, Cindy Yu

Are there limits to government debt?

Speakers: Vince Cable, Grace Blakeley, Stephen D. King

How can we prevent rainforest destruction?

Speakers: Vince Cable, Aviva Chomsky, Virgilio Viana

Who rules the world?

Speakers: Nick Gillespie, Daron Acemoglu, Beata Javorcik