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Mark Salter hosts

Consultant psychiatrist specialising in risk, untowardness and media portrayals of mental distress

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The Shame Game

The shaming exposes and social media scandals of today can seem as backwards as the stocks or the pillory. Yet the fear of shame can bring the powerful to heel. What is our curious shame about shame? Might shaming be our best tool for change? Or should we always be fearful of the tyranny of the mob?

Can love only be known in short doses?

Speakers: Anders Sandberg, Helen Croydon, Naomi Goulder

Are mental differences between the sexes real?

Speakers: Gina Rippon, Helena Cronin, Simon Baron-Cohen

Is beauty hardwired into our world?

Speakers: Andrew Bowie, Gavin Turk, Joanna Burch-Brown

Is modern life bad for your mental health?

Speakers: Richard Bentall, Lucy Johnstone, Ann John

What does our sense of the uncanny say about us?

Speakers: Richard K. Morgan, Hilary Lawson, Sam Roddick

Is the sanctity of life an illusion?

Speakers: Ann Furedi, Clare Carlisle, John Harris