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Mary Ann Sieghart hosts

Journalist, radio presenter and former assistant editor of The Times, also chair of the Social Market Foundation, an independent think tank.

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Rethinking Feminism

We think feminism fights for equality for everyone. But from the right to wear headscarves to the refusal of contraception, ideas of what is fair and what equality is vary dramatically. Does feminism lack a universal goal because its an impossible dream? Must we recognise feminism means different things in different places or should we all fight for the same thing?

Russia, China and the New World Order

Speakers: George Galloway, Stephen D. King, Rana Mitter

Utopia and the Limits of Thought

Speakers: Natalie Bennett, Phillip Blond, Roger Scruton

Is there a form of socialism that could work?

Speakers: Kemi Badenoch, Yaron Brook, Leo Panitch

Should we get rid of nation states?

Speakers: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Daniel Hannan, Sameer Rahim

Have tolerance and pluralism run their course?

Speakers: Aaron Bastani, Vince Cable, Ella Whelan

David Goodhart: anywheres vs somewheres

Speakers: Angela Eagle, David Goodhart, Anna Soubry