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Mary Ann Sieghart hosts

Journalist, radio presenter and former assistant editor of The Times, also chair of the Social Market Foundation, an independent think tank.

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Socialist Dreams

From Stalin's gulags to weak growth in planned economies to the fall of the Berlin Wall, socialism has a chequered history. Is it a mistake to imagine that equality can be engineered through socialist planning? Should we be sceptical of those wrapped in fine ideals or is there a form of socialism that can deliver on the dream?

David Goodhart: anywheres vs somewheres

Speakers: Angela Eagle, Anna Soubry, David Goodhart

Has Trump made the world more dangerous?

Speakers: George Galloway, Mark Leonard

Should states aim to contain corporate power?

Speakers: Anatole Kaletsky, Liz Truss, Leo Panitch

Can political imagination bring about good change?

Speakers: Diane Abbott, Philip Collins, Guy Standing

Are there any better alternatives to democracy?

Speakers: Nic Cheeseman, Natalie Bennett, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Drugs and Western imperialism

Speakers: Kevin Sabet, Mike Trace