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Mary Ann Sieghart hosts

Journalist, radio presenter and former assistant editor of The Times, also chair of the Social Market Foundation, an independent think tank.

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At the World's Edge

Fantasy tales are often seen as peripheral to culture, with little to contribute to our lives beyond throwaway entertainment. Is this an error? Might fantasies be central to how we perceive the world, and even gesture towards the limits of our understanding?

Russia, China and the New World Order

Speakers: George Galloway, Stephen D. King, Rana Mitter

The future of AI

Speakers: Margaret Boden, Paul Dolan, Hubert Dreyfus

Should we get rid of nation states?

Speakers: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Daniel Hannan, Sameer Rahim

Is there a universal goal for women's rights?

Speakers: Myriam Francois, Finn Mackay, Leena Nair, Elif Safak

Resisting vs Embracing Islam in the West

Speakers: Lauren Booth, Iain Edgar, Maryam Namazie

Is it time to move on from capitalism?

Speakers: Aaron Bastani, Stephen King, Deirdre McCloskey
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