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Do we still need morality?

Most of the evil in the world is done with the best intentions" said TS Eliot. And 9/11, the guillotine and the Inquisition were all inspired by those who thought they had the highest moral principles. Many philosophers have concluded that morality is a subjective human invention. Should we then simply encourage and argue for acts we support and make do without morali...

Can we care about animals if we eat them?

Speakers: Mary Ann Sieghart, Peter Egan, Peter Singer, Christopher Belshaw

How much should we trust our leaders?

Speakers: Natalie Bennett, Chris Hirst, Joseph J. Ellis

Are today's artists monuments to status?

Speakers: Georgina Adam, Janne Teller, Paddy Johnson

Do strict moral codes prevent immoral acts?

Speakers: Julian Baggini, Ece Temelkuran, David Chandler

Is it time to abandon tradition?

Speakers: Hannah Dawson, Linda Woodhead, Noël Carroll

Is technology spelling the end of true intimacy?

Speakers: Yaron Brook, Liara Roux, Suzannah Weiss