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The Tyranny of Freedom

From consumer goods to romantic relationships, choice is celebrated as a means to greater liberalism and freedom. But some say an overload of options is overwhelming our rational decision-making. Could it be that less choice would be healthier for mankind, allowing us to be satisfied with our lot?

Could beauty be real rather than subjective?

Speakers: Stephen Bayley, Angela Breitenbach, Alastair Reynolds

The female fantasy

Speakers: Malcolm Guite, Doon Mackichan, Frances Spalding

Is honesty a fantasy?

Speakers: Rae Langton, Tom Sorell, Sophie Van Der Zee

Is violence ever a justifiable political strategy?

Speakers: Finn Mackay, Neel Mukherjee, John Sauven

Does censorship create great art?

Speakers: Jenny Boyd, Allen Jones, Anders Sandberg

From where does art get its value?

Speakers: Stephen Bayley, Andrew Bowie, Mel Evans
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