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The Emperor's New Art

From the masks and jewellery of the Pharaohs to contemporary painting, art has always been valued above almost all else. Yet it has no practical purpose. Has money chased art because, with no objective measure, art is victim to limitless hype and fashion, or are gold baubles and diamond skulls of genuinely great value?

Could beauty be real rather than subjective?

Speakers: Alastair Reynolds, Angela Breitenbach, Stephen Bayley

Do we have too much choice?

Speakers: Lou Marinoff, Lynne Segal, Renata Salecl

Does censorship create great art?

Speakers: Jenny Boyd, Anders Sandberg, Allen Jones

Is violence ever a justifiable political strategy?

Speakers: Finn Mackay, John Sauven, Neel Mukherjee

Is honesty a fantasy?

Speakers: Rae Langton, Tom Sorell, Sophie Van Der Zee

The rise of independent cinema

Speakers: Mike Figgis, Beeban Kidron, Michael Nyman