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The People's Champion

The increase of far right messages in the US, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Holland and Hungary in 2017 has been associated with a failure of representative democracies in the West to actually represent the will of the people. Is democracy illusory and incoherent, and what can we do about it?

Should equality be applied to all aspects of life?

Speakers: Natalie Bennett, Marcela Manubens, Phillip Blond

Is democracy just a blip in world history?

Speakers: Laurie Penny, Jamie Whyte, Michael Howard, Owen Jones

Is the world as dangerous as it seems?

Speakers: Brendan O'Neill, Chris Bryant, Finn Mackay

Is narcissism a virtue that we need more of?

Speakers: Suzannah Lipscomb, George Galloway

Embracing new romantic norms

Speakers: Brooke Magnanti, Catherine Hakim, Robert Rowland Smith

Should we give more or less power to experts?

Speakers: Angela Eagle, Carl Miller, Phillip Blond