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Madness, Incorporated

From depression to bipolar disorder, we think psychiatric diagnoses are real. Yet many now argue that categories of mental illness have little basis in nature. Is it time to abandon psychiatry and its classifications? Would this usher in a new era of effective health care or cause widespread harm?

Is democracy incoherent?

Speakers: Phillip Blond, Michael Howard, Owen Jones

Do we need grand political visions?

Speakers: David Aaronovitch, David Blunkett, Jill Kirby, Nigel Lawson

Most of us regard a mate for life as a desirable goal.  Yet two thirds of marrie...

Speakers: Catherine Hakim, Brooke Magnanti, Robert Rowland Smith

Is democracy just a blip in world history?

Speakers: Michael Howard, Owen Jones, Laurie Penny, Jamie Whyte

Is narcissism a virtue that we need more of?

Speakers: Simon Blackburn, George Galloway, Suzannah Lipscomb

Should equality be applied to all aspects of life?

Speakers: Natalie Bennett, Phillip Blond, Marcela Manubens
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