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Robert Rowland Smith hosts

Lecturer, columnist, author of Breakfast with Socrates

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The Dance of Life

Our life is made up of experiences. But what experience is remains a mystery. Heidegger thought it inexplicable and neuroscientists cannot find its location. Do we just need a better theory to uncover its secrets?  Or is experience somehow both all that we have and yet not part of this world?

Are you an illusion?

Speakers: Simon Blackburn, Colin Blakemore, Mary Midgley

Was philosophy's linguistic turn a mistake?

Speakers: Hilary Lawson, Michael Potter, John Searle

Can philosophy teach us how to die?

Speakers: Havi Carel, Pen Hadow, Parashkev Nachev

The limits of thought

Speakers: Hannah Dawson, Mark Rowlands, Simon Saunders

Language, gender and sexuality

Speakers: Simon Blackburn, Deborah Cameron, Carol Gilligan

Are things a necessary foundation of reality?

Speakers: John Ellis, Hilary Lawson, David Malone
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