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Neuroscience vs. Philosophy

From the existence of the self to the nature of free will, many philosophers have dedicated their lives to the problems of the mind. But now some neuroscientists claim to have settled these raging debates. Is it possible we have discovered a science to replace philosophy and we can finally make real progress?  

Peter Singer and Mary Midgley on what's next for animal rights

Speakers: Mary Midgley, Peter Singer

Are there alternative economic systems?

Speakers: Alex Callinicos, Stephen Dorrell, Paul Krugman

We think morality is unique to being human. Yet the animal kingdom has many exam...

Speakers: Molly Crockett, Christopher Hamilton, John Harris

What kind of aid works?

Speakers: Hilary Benn, Thomas Dichter, Bronwen Maddox, Janne Teller

Removing vs Strengthening Borders

Speakers: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Jonathan Cruddas, Chandran Kukathas

Gender equality and positions of power

Speakers: Catherine Hakim, AL Kennedy, Serena Kutchinsky
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