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The Limits of Freedom

Freedom is a goal we all endorse. Yet as neuroscience shows and history suggests, we are less content when we have more choice. Is too much freedom paradoxically debilitating? Do we need constraints to thrive, and might our chains and limitations be key to our freedom? Or is this a dangerous conceit of the privileged and free?

Is desire a consequence of scarcity and denial?

Speakers: Catherine Hakim, Christopher Hamilton, Rowan Pelling

Would more equality lead to greater happiness?

Speakers: Paul Krugman, Frances Stewart, Peter Tatchell, Jamie Whyte

Should wealthy countries intervene in wars around the world?

Speakers: Philip Collins, Lindsey German, Hew Strachan

Euthanasia, freedom and the law

Speakers: George Galloway, Philip Graham, Michael Irwin

Should we not name illnesses?

Speakers: Dinesh Bhugra, Havi Carel, David Healy

The uncertain future of UK politics

Speakers: Natalie Bennett, Claire Fox, Owen Smith