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The Wealth Delusion

Most of us would like to be richer.  But surveys suggest the super rich are no happier than the rest of us and mental disorders and unhappiness increase with inequality.  Do we need a more equal society, and a global tax on wealth, or does wealth benefit us all as a driver of investment and growth?

Is desire a consequence of scarcity and denial?

Speakers: Catherine Hakim, Christopher Hamilton, Rowan Pelling

Is there such a thing as too much freedom?

Speakers: Theodore Dalrymple, Claire Fox, Julian Le Grand

Attitudes towards animal suffering

Speakers: Sarah Chan, John Sauven, Marcel Theroux

Should wealthy countries intervene in wars around the world?

Speakers: Philip Collins, Lindsey German, Hew Strachan

Should we not name illnesses?

Speakers: Dinesh Bhugra, Havi Carel, David Healy

Euthanasia, freedom and the law

Speakers: George Galloway, Philip Graham, Michael Irwin
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