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Shahidha Bari hosts

BBC broadcaster and academic, Shahidha Bari is the author of Dressed: A Philosophy of Clothes.

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The Limits of Logic

Logicians don't rule the world or get the most done. Could it be that a consistent world view is neither desirable nor achievable? If we abandon the straightjacket of rationality might this lead to a more powerful and exciting future, or is it a heresy that leads to madness? 

Can philosophy change how we think?

Speakers: Mark Vernon, Angie Hobbs, Adrian Moore

What does love look like in the digital age?

Speakers: Anders Sandberg, Christopher Hamilton, Steve Carter

Faith - The Problem or The Solution

Speakers: Julian Baggini, Rupert Sheldrake, Nicholas Humphrey, Richard Harries

Are sex robots a threat to human relationships?

Speakers: Brooke Magnanti, Kate Devlin, Alan Winfield

Do restrictions breed inventiveness?

Speakers: Joanna Kavenna, Andrew Motion, Lowkey

The ways forward from post-modernity

Speakers: Hilary Lawson, Michela Massimi