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Simon Glendinning hosts

Author, A Very Short Introduction to Derrida, Head of the European Institute, LSE

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Philosophy in the Bedroom

For 250 years de Sade's writing was outlawed. Yet Fifty Shades has turned the exploration of pain and pleasure into an oddly commonplace entertainment. Do these pursuits embed undesirable power relations or are they essential to our sexuality and a route to radical forms of ecstasy?

Are our bodies our property?

Speakers: Anne Phillips, Brooke Magnanti, John Harris

How do collective and individual emotions compare?

Speakers: Robert Eaglestone, Juliet Jacques, Kimberlé Crenshaw

The rise of the post-nuclear family

Speakers: Diane Abbott, Catherine Hakim, Simon Heffer

For most of human history humans have had to contend with the scarcity of essen...

Speakers: Gideon Rachman, Harriet Lamb, Bonnie Greer, Christopher Hamilton