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The Dark and the Digital

Most of us like to think that people are good, yet the anonymity of the internet has enabled an epidemic of abuse. Do we need the oversight of others to behave well? Was Hobbes right that humankind is at its core wicked and in need of constraint? Perhaps internet surveillance could create a better world, but is there an alternative where our essential goodness would f...

Is it too late to regulate tech giants?

Speakers: Phillip Blond, Anatole Kaletsky, Nicky Morgan

A path to empowerment?

Speakers: Myriam François, Shazia Mirza, Emma Sayle

The future of the family

Speakers: Güneş Taylor, David Pearce, Theodore Dalrymple

Exploring the new age of capitalism

Speakers: Mark Littlewood, Anatole Kaletsky, Nicole Aschoff

Tech giants on collision course with democracy

Speakers: Joanna Kavenna, Angela Eagle, Bim Afolami

What does the future really have in store?

Speakers: Kate Devlin, Martin Rees, Hilary Lawson, Laura Mersini-Houghton