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Tara Shears hosts

Particle physicist and the first female physics professor at Liverpool

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Is Time Travel Just a Fantasy?

From H.G. Wells to Dr Who, we have fantasised about travelling through time. Philosophers argue it is logically impossible, yet the laws of science strangely don't rule it out. Some have even claimed to have sent particles back in time. Time travel: an engaging but nonsensical fantasy or a genuinely possible reality?

Is the universe really unknowable even to itself?

Speakers: Chiara Marletto, Michael Duff, Peter Cameron

Is the universe finely tuned for life?

Speakers: Chiara Marletto, Bernard Carr, Massimo Pigliucci

Science as religion

Speakers: Steve Fuller, David Malone, Peter Atkins

Does everything have a cause and effect?

Speakers: George Ellis, Nancy Cartwright, Michael Duff