The debates on IAI tv address the pressing issues of our time. The topics and speakers are the outcome of a stringent editorial process. From sub-atomic physics and philosophical logic to global politics and aesthetics, we do not ask our speakers to simplify for a public audience or to engage in sound bites but to make their opinions direct and clear to their peers in the debate.

Our hosts are critical to ensuring this takes place. It is their difficult and challenging role to insist that questions are answered, that speakers do not hide behind their authority, fame or expertise, and that conclusions are drawn. As a result our hosts are often experts in their own right with the confidence to challenge the leading thinkers in the particular field on their own turf.

Joanna Kavenna

Winner of the Orange First Novel prize, Joanna Kavenna’s works include A Field Guide to Reality, The Ice Museum and Inglorious. Her journalism has appeared...

Paul Kingsnorth

Named as one of Britain’s ‘top ten troublemakers’, Kingsnorth is founder of the Dark Mountain Project and his book One No, Many Yeses was published in thir...

Serena Kutchinsky

Journalist Serena Kutchinsky was recently appointed Digital Editor of New Statesman, having previously worked at Newsweek, Prospect and The Sunday Times.

James Ladyman

James Ladyman is Professor of the Philosophy of Science at the University of Bristol and Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of York. He has work...

Robert Lawrence Kuhn

Robert Lawrence Kuhn is the creator, writer, host and executive producer of 'Closer To Truth', TV series and web resources (co-created/producer/directed by...

Hilary Lawson

Hilary Lawson is a post-postmodern philosopher and a renowned critic of philosophical realism. He is best known for his work on reflexivity and his theory ...

Cedar Lewisohn

London-based curator and artist Cedar Lewisohn is the author of Abstract Graffiti. He is best known for his two major exhibitions at the Tate, Street Art a...

Shaun Ley

Journalist and presenter who was the BBC’s political editor before working on The World This Week and The World at One.

Suzannah Lipscomb

Suzannah Lipscomb is a British historian, academic and television presenter.

Edie Lush

Former economics and political correspondent for Bloomberg, Associate Editor of Spectator Business magazine and Executive Editor for Hub Culture.

David Malone

“I’m interested in how finance actually works, not in the idealized squeaky-clean text books.” David Malone is an independent filmmaker, Green Party politi...

Jo Marchant

Award winning science journalist and author whose articles appear regularly in the New Scientist and Observer. Her most recent book is Decoding the Heave...

Dennis Marks

Filmmaker and former head of BBC Music and the English National Opera. Collaborators have included Michael Frayn, Peter Brook and Michael Tippett.

Barnaby Martin

Barnaby is the author of the recently published Hanging Man: The Arrest of Ai Weiwei, the most intimate depiction of the revered genius yet.
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