David Blunkett

Former Education Secretary, and Home Secretary during the Blair years, David Blunkett oversaw the UK’s response to 9/11. He is also a broadcaster and columnist for the Daily Mail.

Former Education Secretary, and Home Secretary during the Blair years, David Blunkett oversaw the UK’s response to 9/11. He is also a broadcaster and columnist for the Daily Mail.

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Revolution in Rojava

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Are there alternatives to currency?

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War and Peace

The politics of conflict

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Is the media democratic?

The fourth estate: watchdog vs establishment

Felicity Evans, William Cash, Laurie Penny, Peter York, Jonathan Bailey

The Global Aristocracy

Should there be a limit to the power of the global elite?

Poisonous Speech

Should we ban hate speech? | Rae Langton

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The End of Ideals?

Do we need grand political visions?

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Towards A New Humanity

Thangam Debbonaire

Immigration and Identity

Britain, Brexit, and borders

Peter Tatchell, Deirdre McCloskey, Guy Standing

Money For Nothing

Guy Standing vs Deirdre McCloskey on Universal Basic Income

Mary Ann Sieghart, Anatole Kaletsky, Liz Truss, Leo Panitch

Corporation vs. Nation

Should states aim to contain corporate power?

Chris Huhne, Diane Abbott, Jamie Whyte, Robert Yates

The Eye of the Needle

Is paying tax a moral duty?

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Machiavelli's Rules

Dirty tricks in British politics

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Can political imagination bring about good change?

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Tribal Roots and Tribal Conflict

Can we justify our tribal allegiances?

Mary Ann Sieghart, Nic Cheeseman, Natalie Bennett, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Demons of Democracy

Are there any better alternatives to democracy?

Ritula Shah, Charlotte Leslie, Philip Collins, Phillip Blond

Rebel with a Cause

Should we be suspicious of crowd wisdom?

Sean Curran, Nigel Shadbolt, Daniel Hodges, Helen Magetts

The End of Secrets

Is mass surveillance dangerous?

George Galloway

Where Should Britain Stand?

George Galloway imagines the future of our sceptred isle.

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Enlightenment's Wake

Is the age of reason dead?

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Twitter and Power

Is social media subversive?

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A new global economics

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The Art of Strategy

Can we act rationally in a messy political world?

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What's Left Now?

The future of progressive politics

Peter Tatchell

Economic Democracy

Peter Tatchell outlines his vision for a fair, successful and accountable economy.

Giles Fraser, Jon Lansman

Momentum and Young Socialists

In conversation with Jon Lansman

Liz Truss

Liz Truss on Britain's Future

Brexit and beyond

Patricia Lewis

Space Hacks

The danger of satellite terror attacks

Carl Miller, Peter Tatchell, Daniel Hodges

Tweeting to Change the World

Is social media activism bound to fail?

Anatole Kaletsky, Owen Jones, Phillip Blond, Alice Baxter

Owning the World

Examining ownership in today's society

David Omand, Chris Huhne, John Naughton

The Open Society and its Enemies

Privacy and security in the digital age

Isabel Hilton, Joseph Nye, Rana Mitter, Stephen D. King

The Conflict to Come

America vs China

Joining the Resistance

Resisting the false stories

Cory Doctorow, Shirley Williams, Katie Derham, Michael Goldfarb

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

The new global order

Hilary Lawson, Isabel Hilton, Gideon Rachman, Robert Bickers, Rana Mitter

The Eagle and The Dragon

The 21st Century Superpower: US vs China

Kwame Anthony Appiah, Kwasi Kwarteng, Elif Sarican, Sameer Rahim

Scars of History

Are borders the source of prejudice and conflict?

Natalie Bennett

Green Growth

A different vision for UK’s future

Aditya Chakrabortty, Phillip Blond, Poppy Trowbridge, Adam Cohen

Monopolising the Internet

Digital giants between profit and the social good

Aditya Chakrabortty, Anatole Kaletsky, Poppy Trowbridge, Stephen D. King

A Very British Disease

Bursting the property bubble

Cory Doctorow

Political Power and the End of an Ethernet Cable

How networks free us

Hilary Lawson, Shirley Williams, George Galloway, Philip Collins, Peter Oborne

Hypocrites, Idealists, and Liars

Can politics be sincere?

Vince Cable, Robert Skidelsky, Hilary Lawson, Will Hutton

Global Futures

Bonnie Greer, Robin Dunbar, David Aaronovitch, Simon Glendinning, Isabel Hilton

After Democracy

Gideon Rachman, Harriet Lamb, Bonnie Greer, Christopher Hamilton, Simon Glendinning

The End of Abundance?

Margaret Hodge

The Numbers Game

Breaking the silence on immigration

Diane Abbott

The Rich and the Rest

Diane Abbott: End the oppression

Margaret Heffernan

The Fall of the Alpha Leader

Why powerful individuals won't save the day

Steve Richards

Rock and Roll Politics

Is constructive political comedy possible?

Julian Baggini

The Uses and Abuses of Populism

Is populism just a term of abuse for democracy we don't like?

Philip Collins

Why It Is Hard to Imagine Anyone Winning the Next Election

Shirley Williams

Capitalism and the Common Good

Peter Hain

Mandela: Icon of Icons?

Godfrey Barker, Charles Saumarez Smith, Theodore Dalrymple, Samira Ahmed

Europe After the Reign

Art, money, and the rise of the East

Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott: Beyond Downton Abbey

Provocative Labour frontbencher Diane Abbott presents an outspoken view of British history.

Ziauddin Sardar, Giles Fraser, Bjorn Lomborg, Jonathan Derbyshire, Hilary Rose

Uncharted Territory

Frank Furedi

Freedom in Chains

Cory Doctorow, Nigel Warburton

Technology and Anarchy

Can subversive technologies be regulated?

Dawn Butler

The Ladder of Success

How empowerment can fight inequality

David Blunkett, Phillip Dodd

The Arc of Life: David Blunkett

The politician on his life, the left, and Labour

David Aaronovitch, Edwina Currie, Ritula Shah, Ted Honderich

The Rise and Fall of Fantasy

Do we need new fantasies for the 21st Century?

Charlotte Leslie

The Book of Blair

Politicians are out of touch

Alex Callinicos, Kim Stanley Robinson, Marina Benjamin, Ian Johnson

Paradise... Lost?

The fall and rise of utopias

Nick Harkaway

Today's Errors, Tomorrow's Adventures

A tech-driven human revolution

Joseph Nye

The Rise of the US

Presidents equal power

Richard Layard, Mark Williamson

How To Change The World

Can you change a culture from the inside out?

Lisa Appignanesi, Frank Furedi, Robert Skidelsky, Peter Tatchell

Limits to Liberty

William Nicholson

What are we Worth?

Ted Honderich, Rana Mitter, Yvonne Ridley, Mark Littlewood

The Politics of Terrorism

Is terrorism another tool of war?

Julian Baggini, David Lammy, Alex Callinicos, Mark Littlewood

In Love and War

Frank Furedi, David Bond, David Aaronovitch, Helena Kennedy, Hilary Lawson

The End of Privacy

Anatole Kaletsky

How does Uncertainty affect Business?

Project Fear vs Project Reality

Peter Tatchell

How to Make the World Better

Peter Tatchell on activism that works

Emma Sulkowicz, David Aaronovitch, Sarah Langford, Ritula Shah

Innocence and Punishment

Can trial by media fix a flawed judiciary?

Diane Abbott, Anatole Kaletsky, Joe Todd, Tom Clark, Victor Adebowale

Generation Wars II

The mess we're in: millennials vs generation X

Philip Collins

After the Election

The most anticipated election in a generation

John Lloyd

After the News

Award-winning journalist John Lloyd forecasts the future.

Edward Mortimer, Matthew Parris, Norman Lamont

Expert Lies

Power, politics and science

Simon Glendinning

Who's Left?

Is social democracy past its sell-by date?

Diana Wallis, John Kerr, Michael Crick, Nikolai Tolstoy

Independence Day

The destiny of the nation state

George Galloway

George Galloway says "Naw" to Separatism

George Galloway

David Omand

The Snowden Affair: An insider's take

The future of security

Alex Callinicos, Anatole Kaletsky, Isabel Hilton, Phillip Blond

The Big Bad Wolf

Should we aim to reduce corporate power?

Jamie Whyte, Jenneth Parker, Naomi Colvin, Mark Easton

Generation Wars

The dispossessed youth

Esther Rantzen

How Old Is Old?

Discussing the disparagement of old age.

Shaun Ley, Lawrence W. Sherman, Charlie Falconer, Ian Blair, Ian Loader

Who Guards the Guards?

Policing, trust, and transparency

Ken Livingstone

The Next Fifty Years

Lucy Ash, Edward Mortimer, Meghnad Desai, Stephen D. King

The Best of Times?

The rise of India, modern China and the future of the West

Benjamin Dix

The Killing Fields

Benjamin Dix, photojournalist and last UN liaison out of warring Sri Lanka. Hear his story.

Julian Baggini, Anthony O'Hear, Laurie Penny, Aubrey de Grey

Generation Wars

Barry C. Smith, John Naish, Joanna Kavenna, Harriet Lamb, Robert Rowland Smith

The Famine and the Feast

Why are we obsessed with food scarcity?

Lembit Öpik

Look Back in Angst

Former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik bares all

Jonathan Cruddas

Politics and Passion

Confronting a Crisis of the Left

Stephen D. King

When the Money Runs Out

A frightening vision of the future

Catherine Hakim, Julian Baggini, Jim Crace, Hannah Dawson

The Prejudice of Intellectuals

Beauty, intellect, and power

Rana Mitter, Anatole Kaletsky, Jamie Whyte, Stephen D. King

The Old Lady's Crisis

Leela Gandhi

A Changed World

Must we look at international relations in terms of the powerful and the weak?

Jesse Norman

The Real Capitalism

Annie Machon

Spies, Lies and Life on the Run

Paul Moss, Alex Callinicos, Cory Doctorow, Evgeny Morozov

The Return of Revolution

Bonnie Greer

Converging Cultures

Martin Jacques

When China Rules the World

Brian Eno, Izabella Kaminska, Guy Standing, Mark Littlewood

Has greed got the better of us?

Satisfaction and desire in consumer culture

David Blunkett, Elif Sarican, Ella Whelan, Eric Kaufmann

Nations, Borders and History

What is a nation?

Aaron Bastani

Fully automated luxury communism

A Communist perspective on technological advancement

Stanley Fish

How to Think About Free Speech

Using our freedom of expression wisely

Mariana Mazzucato

The Value of Everything

Can we make capitalism work for everyone?

Isabel Hilton, Thangam Debbonaire, Michael Bociurkiw, Shaun Bailey

A better tomorrow

Is the world getting better or worse?

Mark Littlewood

The Case for Classical Liberalism

Why classical liberals are right but always lose

Anna Soubry

Anna Soubry | In-depth Interview

On the spread of populism

Ben Burgis

Rationality and the Left

Ben Burgis on media, culture wars, and the left

David Blunkett

David Blunkett | In-depth interview

On Tony Blair, Brexit, and Windrush

Paul Mason, Hilary Lawson, Ella McPherson, Roger Bolton

Tribal Truths and New Wisdoms

In a 'post-truth' world, what can we believe in?

Paul Mason

Paul Mason | In-depth Interview

On Extinction Rebellion, protest, and beyond

Angela Eagle

Work Doesn't Pay

Why jobs no longer guarantee stability.

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Why we all have something to hide

Peter Pomerantsev

The War Against Reality

Information in a post-truth world

Isabel Hilton, Julian Baggini, Jamie Whyte, Vivienne Shue

The Future of Thought

Is the sun setting on Western ideas?

Izabella Kaminska

Izabella Kaminska | In-depth interview

On the next economic crisis, phony regulators and beyond

Joanna Kavenna, Stephanie Hare, Angela Eagle, Bim Afolami

Metropolis Untamed

Tech giants on collision course with democracy

Mary Ann Sieghart, Guy Standing, Izabella Kaminska, Jamie Whyte, Stephen King

Is capitalism broken?

Can, and should, it be saved?

Nigel Inkster

Cybersecurity and Huawei

China's rise as a digital superpower

Mary Ann Sieghart, Jess Phillips, Nick Robinson, David Goodhart

Media, responsibility and a good story

The ethics of coronavirus coverage

Shami Chakrabarti

Locking Down on Human Rights

Lessons from lockdown

Kehinde Andrews

How to decolonise your mind

Improving conversations surrounding race

Steven Pinker, Shami Chakrabarti, Daniel Kahneman, Anil Ananthaswamy

Living dangerously

Risk, rationality and coronavirus

Matthew Taylor, Paul Krugman, Deirdre McCloskey, Grace Blakeley

Capitalism and Covid

A new solution to societal inequality?

Peter Pomerantsev

Deceit and disinformation

Deceit and disinformation

Vince Cable, Malcolm Rifkind, Isabel Hilton, Rana Mitter

China: ally or threat?

Rising tensions on the world stage

Isabel Hilton, Bim Afolami, Paul Mason, Claire Fox

Left, right and the future of politics

Are responses to Covid divided along party lines?

Mark Littlewood, Grace Blakeley, Vince Cable, Isabel Hilton

The rise and fall of globalisation

Do we need to pursue localism?

Chantal Mouffe

Leading from the left

The case for left populism

Lawrence Freedman

The future of war

Understanding conflict

Elif Sarican

Women for liberation

Women for liberation

Bianca Jagger

The Arc of Life: Bianca Jagger

A biography of a leading human rights defender

Grace Blakeley, Isabel Hilton, Lisa Nandy, Joseph Stiglitz

Not so equal

Commitments to global equality

Shashi Tharoor

The future of India

Will India hold on to secular liberalism?

Sunetra Gupta, David D. Friedman, Indira Jaising, Sean Curran

Dicing with death

Are we capable of keeping ourselves safe?

Grace Blakeley

The corona crash

Why we should radically restructure society

David Aaronovitch

The Left and anti-Semitism

An interview with David Aaronovitch

John Zerzan, Emma Slade, Aaron Bastani, Vince Cable

Passion, action and hypocrisy

Do you have the capacity to make a change?

Malcolm Rifkind

After the end of history

How we remain on the right track

Rory Stewart, Michael Sandel, Grace Blakeley, Isabel Hilton

Stories to believe in

Is idealism central to politics?

David Goodhart

The struggle for dignity

How do we allocate reward in our society?

Mary Ann Sieghart, Julian Baggini, Matthew Taylor, Claire Fox

Power to the people

The future of democracy

Joseph Stiglitz

The economy of the future

With Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz

Myriam François, Kehinde Andrews, Raymond Tallis, Mary Ann Sieghart

Values of the West

Do we need a new set of ideals?

Paul Krugman, Ayesha Hazarika

Arc of life: Paul Krugman

An interview with Nobel-Prize winning economist

Jesse Norman

Evolution in politics

An interview with Jesse Norman MP

Isabel Hilton, Jon Sopel, Sarah Elliott, Jason Brennan

Land of the free

Post-Trump America

Michael Shermer

Why we need free speech

The dangers of silencing discussion

Jesse Norman, P. J. O'Rourke, Dawn Butler, Paul Waugh

Dreams, delusions and class interests

The relevance of class

Anders Sandberg, Isabel Hilton, Natalie Bennett, Paul Morland

The Malthusian catastrophe

The perils of population

Malcolm Rifkind, Cindy Yu, Michael Pembroke, Melissa Chan

Getting real about global power

Is the West irrelevant?

Bim Afolami

Saving liberal democracy

Securing hope for the future

Rana Mitter, Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Arc of life: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Interviewing the unflinching human rights defender

Natalie Bennett, Myriam François, Chris Hirst, Joseph J. Ellis

Leadership, hypocrisy and power

How much should we trust our leaders?

Esther Duflo, Jesse Norman

In conversation with Nobel Prize winner Esther Duflo

The Nobel Prize winner on ending global poverty

Ella Whelan, Philip Collins, Slavoj Žižek, Lowkey

Liberty and the Left

Does the left need to re-engage with freedom?

Shashi Tharoor, Tania Branigan, Kishore Mahbubani

China, morality and self-interest

The future of trade with China

David Chandler

Islands and the end of modernity

The importance of islands in the Anthropocene

Rutger Bregman, Grace Blakeley

In conversation: Rutger Bregman and Grace Blakeley

On the future of the left and the nature of humans

Linda Yueh

Pandemics and the Battle of Economic Ideas

What can we learn from the great economists?

Anders Sandberg

Forging the transhumanist future

An interview with Anders Sandberg

Barry C. Smith, John Milbank, Deirdre McCloskey, Yassmin Abdel-Magied

The age of independence

The pitfalls of social freedom

Theodore Dalrymple, Alex Callinicos, Ruth Kinna

The paradox of radical change

Steps to revolution

Deirdre McCloskey

The not so classical liberal

Abandoning 'capitalism' to embrace an alternative

Peter Lilley, Ella Whelan, Paul Mason, Rana Mitter, Peter Mandelson

Dissent, division and democracy

The end of the left and right

Lowkey, Isabel Hilton, Julie Bindel, Peter Lilley

Privilege and freedom

The limits of free speech in education

Paul Mason

Fighting fascism

A blueprint for ending the nightmare of fascism

Alexander Guerrero, Taisu Zhang, Tom Brake, Linda Yueh, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Democracy - a failed strategy?

Should we seek a radical alternative to democracy?

Peter Tatchell

Cancel culture and the limits of free speech

Which voices deserve to be heard?

Rutger Bregman, Rana Mitter, Kenneth Cukier, Claire Fox

Democracy: freedom or tyranny?

Do we live under the tyranny of the majority?

Eka Ikpe

Deconstructing development

An Interview with Eka Ikpe

Peter Mandelson, David Aaronovitch

The Arc of Life: Peter Mandelson

An interview with a key architect of Blairism

Rana Mitter

What really makes up China's DNA

Explaining China's growing influence

Vince Cable, Isabel Hilton, Eka Ikpe, Stefan Dercon

The African dream

Is pan-Africanism the way forward?

Linda Yueh, Joseph Nye, Tariq Ali, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Domitilla Sagramoso

Ukraine: The Deceit of the West

Has the West become an untrustworthy ally?

Izabella Kaminska, Steve Hanke, Rana Mitter, Polly Toynbee

The inflation crisis

Are we on the brink of economic disaster?

Jesse Norman

The hidden virtues of commercialism

Can commercial societies produce virtuous morals?

Peter Lilley

The workforce revolution

How we can revitalise UK industries

Daniel Markovits, Martin Wolf, Madeleine Pennington, Hilary Lawson

The economics of almost everything

Rethinking economics

Deirdre McCloskey, Rana Mitter, Bim Afolami, Paul Mason

The new right

What does modern conservatism stand for?

Yanis Varoufakis

The new ruling class

How can we confront technofeudalism?

Tariq Ali

War and peace in Afghanistan

What does the future hold for Afghanistan?

Minna Salami, Rana Mitter, Eric Kaufmann

This is my land

Should the colonial powers give back reparations?

Linda Yueh, Peter Tatchell, Philip Collins, Cindy Yu

The eclipse of the West

Are we on the brink of a new world order?

Michael Krepon

The truth about the nuclear threat

How concerned should we be?

David Aaronovitch, Paul Mason, Rana Mitter, Polly Mackenzie

Inheriting inequality

How should we tackle embedded privilege?

Vince Cable, Grace Blakeley, Linda Yueh, Stephen D. King

The end of affluence

Are there limits to government debt?

Paul Dolan

Overcoming opposition

How to argue when you disagree

Matthew Hancock

The life and philosophy of Matt Hancock

Meet the UK's controversial pandemic policy maker

Vince Cable

Russia, Ukraine and the Future of Economics

Vince Cable on economics post-Ukraine

Tommy J. Curry

Dilemmas of Black Manhood

An interview with philosopher Tommy Curry

Mark Littlewood, Anatole Kaletsky, Nicole Aschoff, Stephanie Hare

Profits, value and fantasy

Exploring the new age of capitalism

Tulip Siddiq

Freeing Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

Freedom from a false confession

Hilary Lawson, Cindy Yu, Nigel Inkster, Chris Parry

China and the art of peace

Western strategy in the new global order

Liz Truss

Truss defends vision for the future of Britain

Leadership frontrunner speaks her mind in 2019

Michael Howard, Rajini Vaidyanathan, Pravin Krishna, Prem Shankar Jha

Innovation and the future of capitalism

Do governments really support free trade?

James Davies, Mark Salter, Susan Michie, Linda Bauld

Life, death and money

Where do the limits of medicine lie?

Rana Mitter, Deirdre McCloskey, Peter Tatchell, Bhaskar Sunkara

A material world

Does consumption genuinely make us more satisfied?

Matt Ridley

How innovation works

An Interview with Matt Ridley

Rana Mitter, Vince Cable, Izabella Kaminska, Stephanie Hegarty

How we failed to predict inflation

How accurate can economic forecasting really be?

Linda Yueh, Vince Cable, Aviva Chomsky, Virgilio Viana

Forests, hypocrisy and the West

How can we prevent rainforest destruction?

Tulip Siddiq, Luke Johnson, Ben Tarnoff, Manveen Rana

The web corporation

Is it time to reign in big tech?

Isabel Hilton, Guy Standing, Claire Ogley, Lola Young, David Livingstone Smith

The blame game

Inspiring change without pointing fingers

Anders Sandberg, Thangam Debbonaire, Polly Mackenzie, Luke Robert Mason, Damian Tambini

Big tech and lost promises

Will regulation solve our problems with Big Tech?

Vince Cable

The challenge of China

Vince Cable on the rise of China

Shabnam Nasimi

Afghanistan and the Failures of the West

Where do we go from here?

Linda Yueh, Nick Gillespie, Daron Acemoglu, Beata Javorcik

Corporations vs The People

Who rules the world?

Rana Mitter, Ella Whelan, Natalie Bennett, Ashwini Deshpande

Virtue, hypocrisy and the natural world

Environmental ideals and every day lies

David D. Friedman

Economics matters

Why economics is critical to your life

Rana Mitter, Shabnam Nasimi, Stefan Dercon, Shabbir Lakha, Ezgi Basaran

The lessons of failure

Did the failure in Afghanistan lead to Ukraine?

Michael Bociurkiw, Jacob Furedi

The future of Ukraine and the world

Michael Bociurkiw interviewed by Jacob Furedi

Linda Yueh, Vince Cable

The future of money

Vince Cable in conversation with Linda Yueh

Isabel Hilton, Myriam François, Paul Dolan, Ella Whelan

Overcoming tribal division

Is our society too divisive?

Paul Mason, Peter Hitchens, Bhavna Dave

The fantasies of the West

Does the rest of the world really think like us?

Nigel Inkster, Tulip Siddiq, Theodore Dalrymple, Myriam François

The West in danger

A new era is upon us

Thangam Debbonaire

Truth and lies in politics

How to fix parliamentary democracy

Philip Collins, Guy Standing, Janne Teller, Kristian Niemietz

The Wealth Paradox

How do we create a prosperous society?

David Goodhart

The worrying rebirth of expertise

Experts, the rise and the fall

Philip Collins

How to write a speech that will change the world

Tips and tricks on how to grip your audience

Zoe Strimpel, Tommy J. Curry, Michael Bociurkiw, Barry C. Smith

New politics and old threats

Are social issues more important than economics?

Myriam François, Mark Salter, Kehinde Andrews, Calvin Robinson

Sins of the past, visions of the future

How our construction of race impacts the future

How to uncover the truth with Manveen Rana

Impartiality, bias, and the role of journalism

Janne Teller, Andrew Adonis, Finn McRedmond, John Kay

Is it moral to trade with the devil?

Trading with the enemy

Rana Mitter, Mary Ann Sieghart, Maya Oppenheim, Minna Salami

The weaker sex?

Should we abandon the idea that men need to protect women?

Aaron Bastani, Calvin Robinson, Shabnam Nasimi, Manveen Rana

The democracy illusion

Do politicians and leaders actually make a difference?

Nigel Inkster

Are we facing a new world order?

Interview with Nigel Inkster

Ben Burgis, Thangam Debbonaire, Mary Ann Sieghart, Nemone Metaxas

Society 2.0

Do we unfairly privilege the unelected?

Mike Berners Lee

There is no Planet B

An interview with Mike Berners-Lee

Stephanie Hare, Hilary Lawson, Paul Mason, Freddie Sayers

Fact-checking the fact-checkers

Is it possible for fact checking to be impartial?

Ben Burgis

Logic for the left

Why rationality is important for the left

Calvin Robinson

Democracy is dead

Does the future hold a new authoritarianism?

Michael Howard

The rise and rise of populism

Has politics changed forever?

Aaron Bastani

The Crisis of Ageing

The radical implications of a rapidly aging population

Manveen Rana, Hugh Tomlinson, Victoria Baines, Stephen Kinsella

Anonymity: the dream and the nightmare

End internet anonymity to avoid social breakdown

Hilary Lawson, Bronwen Maddox, Michael Clarke, Simon Jenkins

The weapon that failed

Do sanctions ever work?

Sophie Scott-Brown

Anarchy and democracy

Is there room for leadership in anarchy?

Thangam Debbonaire

Politics is broken

How to fix a broken system

Andy West

How to philosophize behind bars

Philosophy behind bars

Güneş Taylor, Cory Doctorow, Nolen Gertz, Bahar Gholipour

The danger and desire of the frontier

Should we seek to explore mars while the earth burns?

Jesse Norman, Thangam Debbonaire, Ruth Kinna, Hilary Lawson

Democracy in the dock

Remedying the dire state of liberal democracy

Jesse Norman

Searching for justice

The Conservative case for Justice

Mary Ann Sieghart, Peter Tatchell, Harriet Wistrich, Emma Bryson

Beyond reasonable doubt

Should we lower the burden of proof for sex crimes?

Malcolm Rifkind, Janne Teller, Sasha Polakow-Suransky, Laurie Bristow, David Omand

Diplomacy, deception, and disaster

Can diplomacy end the Ukraine war?

Peter Schiff, Carmen Reinhart, Brad DeLong, Gillian Tett

An unprecedented experiment with money

What caused the inflation crisis

Matthew Hancock

Matt Hancock Unveiled: Regrets and Reflections

The career of Parliament’s most notorious Tory

Katarina Schwarz

The quest for freedom

Slavery in the present day

Sophie Scott-Brown, Grafton Tanner, Eliane Glaser, Billy Bragg

Manners maketh man

Civility and cohesion in the modern era

Guy Standing, Linda Yueh, Gillian Tett, Richard Werner

Guesses, errors and economics

Are predictions a fool's errand?

Fiona Hill, Isabel Hilton

The life and philosophy of Fiona Hill

The thorn in Trump's side

Lola Young

The ethics of industry

An interview with Baroness Lola Young

Guy Standing

The broken economics of the sea

Rescuing the blue commons

Hilary Lawson, David Omand, Richard Wolff, Svitlana Morenets

In pursuit of peace

How can we secure peace in times of war?

Aaron Bastani, Myriam François, Matthew Lesh

Marxism vs Capitalism

Head to Head: Bastani vs Lesh

Kehinde Andrews

Confronting the Enlightenment's mistakes

An interview with Kehinde Andrews

Philip Collins, Hilary Greaves, Jonathan Sumption, Sophie Howe

Speaking for the future

Can we legislate in the interests of the future?

Fiona Hill

Putin and the cult of personality

An interview with Fiona Hill

Emma Bryson

How to fix sexual assault law

The path to justice reform

Yanis Varoufakis, John Redwood, Vicky Pryce, Roger Hearing

Economic fact and economic fantasy

Is prediction a economic mirage?

Mary Ann Sieghart, Bhavna Dave, Malcolm Rifkind, Fiona Hill

New powers and fading forces

Is Western hegemony over?

Angela Eagle

Towards a just economy

An interview with Angela Eagle

John Mearsheimer

Mearsheimer and the death of ideology

Aviva Chomsky

The spectre of the enlightenment

Face to face with a destructive legacy

David Omand

How spies think

Espionage for dummies

Sasha Polakow-Suransky, Bill Browder, Yuan Yang, Sergei Guriev

Redrawing the global order

Will the BRICS surpass the west?

Bhavna Dave, Cindy Yu

China and India: The future of the next century

The fight for the future of Asia

Thangam Debbonaire

Confronting lies in modern politics

An interview with Thangam Debbonaire